Looking for a few good role models

 The New York Times reported Feb. 6, 2015 that parents, teachers and toy-makers discourage girls from getting into math and science. I never saw myself as being particularly good in either subject and I try not to relay this to my daughter Torie. But I’ve been able to follow her fourth-grade assignments so far. Phew!...more

Black History, As I've Lived It

February is Black History Month. For me, this celebration began in February 1976, when I was in fourth grade at Immaculate Conception Catholic School in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.Back then we had a mix of races in our class: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Haitian. It was kumbaya I tell ya. Back then we fought over so-called boyfriends/girlfriends, who had the best handwriting and bad trades of oversold lunches. (I once traded a huge Italian hoagie for a never-before-tasted PB&J. I ended up in the principal’s office that day.) Kumbaya....more
“BlogHer: Black History, As I've Lived It http://ow.ly/2UgzvB” Cool! My last post was featured ...more