It's a girl thing.

So, I'm extremely annoyed at a reasonably well-known person this week....more

The most important, exciting, blog post EVER!

So I was considering posting something libelous, possibly including material copyrighted by someone else, and idiotic statements about easily researched subjects like the content of the first ten Amendments of the Constitution.  ...more

I had to go there, Pussification

 I’m pretty sure there’s a special hell reserved for people who use their children to increase their personal fame and promote ludicrous agendas. Believing that gave me new beginning as a political activist at midlife (Yo, Sarah Palin *waves*) and now forces me to write the word Pussification. <!--break-->  ...more

When I Wake up in the Morning I Grieve the Loss of Flight

 I’ve been working with a lot of new (to me) material coming from the anti-ableism community, as it currently expresses itself. In most ways, this is an internal dialog between my 20-something self and my 40-something self, but you’re welcome to listen in, if you like.  ...more

Big Pharma called me, and now I'm pissed.

I have an unlisted number and I'm on the do-not-call list, so when the phone rings before I've had my cup of tea, I answer anyway. But who was on the other end? My buddy Big Pharma....more

A visit from the mag crew.

Had a kid here today from a mag crew. I hate that. He was a charming young man, who asked me what I would suggest for a young man like him, who wanted to better himself. I said, “You’re obviously a great salesman, you should get a job where you’re not traveling.” I offered him a soda, but he was “thirsty for success.” And then he walked off. ...more

Notes from My Pajamas

In the grand sweep of things that I hoped would never become my business, Sarah Palin’s reproductive activity is prominent. ...more

Autism, Sexism, and Jenny McCarthy

It’s wonderful how routine sexism is. But even after years of noting it, responding to it, and moving on, occasionally an example stops me short.   ...more

It is through Jenny's courageous interviews and website, that I became aware of the DAN ...more

Who am I, in relation to adoption

I’m named after an adoptee. ...more

Momma Don't Play That

If you rush on over to Huff Post, you can probably still vote in the “Who’s hotter” poll by Bonnie Fuller. She has an article with a poll that declares that 40-something women are hotter than 20-something ones, at least as exemplified by celebrities. ...more