When the Writer Becomes a Mommy: Do We Overshare When We Write About Our Kids?

The first few times, I did it without thinking. Like most parental musings conducted during that groggy first year, my early blog posts were more about me and the idea of them. But now that my twins are one, no longer blobs but sentient beings who may one day Google themselves and find my words, I’m obsessed with the mother of all writing conundrums: How much about one’s children is it kosher to expose? ...more
As most mom bloggers, I have thought about this a lot as well. And blogged about it. I do feel ...more

How to Write (Better): Do You Need a MFA?

Anyone who writes regularly –- whether it’s honing a novel in the small hours of the morning or blogging up a storm or crafting a line of poetry -– has probably considered the following question: Should I get a MFA? After all, it’s hard not to notice the proliferation of programs and the increasing number of people who have MFAs. But a MFA is a big commitment. All that time and money -– what’s the return? Is it really worth it? And how do you know if it’s the right move for you? I have helped many clients and students answer these questions, and I can tell you the four factors I consider before I give my advice. ...more

Living in the middle of nowhere makes it next to impossible to even consider. Thanks for the ...more

Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Blog: Pitching a Blog-to-Book Idea or Moving from Book-to-Blog

Once upon a time, writers wrote a book, then launched a blog to help promote it. I did that. And now, for my next act, I’m thinking about going in the opposite direction. Why? Because in the new world publishing order, where "platform" is key to an author’s success, writers are learning the importance of engaging readers well before their book is born. ...more

I attended Cyber Mummy in London a few weeks ago and an editor from Harper Collins said that ...more