Pear & Chocolate Gugelhupf (Yeast Cake)

Can we stop the clock now?

So I know I can’t be the only one feeling the parenting blues right now (and I also know I frequently begin sentences with prepositions; it’s a bad habit of mine from watching too much Felicity). Surely it’s a common theme with the new school year, and many parents before us have lamented the same fact: our kids are growing up too quickly. I mean really, didn’t I just bring her home from the hospital last week? Wasn’t I just recently marveling at the beautiful, new wonder before me? The life I brought to this earth?...more
@Denise It has even spilled over into the way I speak!more

Nectarine Tart a la Provence

And just like that, summer vacation is over. My daughter has her first day of school tomorrow (eek!), my son will be back to kindergarten soon, and summer quietly and slowly escapes us with earlier sunsets and cooler nights. We weren’t even able to take any vacations this summer because of the completely absurd German B.Y.O. Kitchen way of doing things, which slurped up our vacation money like a giant milk shake....more

Summery Cherry Sheet Cake with Streusel Topping

I don’t even love cherries, fresh or preserved, yet I loved this cake. It was a treat for the eyes even before I pulled it out of the oven, with its golden Streusel and deep red cherry juice bubbling over. Photographing it proved difficult, because all I wanted to do was eat it....more