Diary of a Woman Who Lives With a Selfish Man

I wish I could go back and not be here. Trapped. Again.  How many times must I make the same mistakes over and over. Maybe I am mentally challenged. I pick the same men with just different ways of being an ass hole.  So many things that I want and think, are they really that hard to do? Is it really too much to ask for? Why are you like this? How long do I stay?I hate complaining so I'll just dream, and reminisce about it insted....more
I'm sorry, honey, that you're going through this. I love you. Hopefully all will pass.more

MADison with a Capitol MAD


Dude! Give Me My Dress Back

I think the battle of the sexes has gone on for ages, and there is a reason that more women cheat then men these days.  I have thought long and hard about why this is.  I have came to many conclusions but the number one reason is  men are behaving like women.  Which in return women are behaving like men.My eyebrows should be the only ones groomed.It should take a woman longer to get ready than a man....more
Women are the new men! Sad.more

Take a Seat Moms and be Quiet


He is Dad

A loving tribute to a very good man. Good job, great post.more

Princess Cup Cake

These situations are so hard. Especially if there's rancor on one side. You can only let her ...more

Imperfection is the New Perfection

A sweet, sweet, post. Baby learning how to act like a man. And a good man at that. Beautiful post.more

100 Roman Soldiers

So happy to see my baby blogging! This is an awesome post. You're an awesome mama.more