How to Move Beyond “Obligation Sex” to Real Freedom

I have said for years that obligation sex isn’t sexy. This week I caused quite a stir on this blog when I wrote my rant about how certain strands of the Christian church talk about men and lust in such a way that it makes women feel just awful. It portrays men like they’re animals who can’t stop themselves from lusting after women, and then it treats wives like we are the gatekeepers, responsible not just from keeping ourselves from sinning but also keeping our husbands from sinning ....more

8 Things We Learned Getting Rid of Half of Our Stuff

This summer my mom moved in with us. It just made sense; she didn’t want to have to worry about snow removal in the winter and garden care in the summer, and we’re gone so much on speaking tours that our house is often empty. So we fixed up the rooms in the basement and added a bathroom, and she went from 6 large rooms down to 2 medium ones ....more

Churches: Can We Stop with the “Boys Will Be Boys” Already?

I am tired of the “boys will be boys” message that I hear from so many pastors and pulpits, talking about lust as if it’s normal and women as if we are always going to be objects of temptation to men. And so I’d like to go on a little rant today, because I think that this message is seriously harming women’s hearts and putting roadblocks up to healthy marriages. But first, a caveat ....more

Top 10 Trends About Divorce in Our Culture

I remember when the movie Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen came out in 2007. I cheered that a completely secular movie had the theme it did: A single woman finds herself pregnant from a one-night stand–and she doesn’t get an abortion. In fact, she only considers it for about 3 minutes of the movie. It was a sign that our culture was thinking differently about abortion, because it wasn’t remotely a faith-based movie (it was actually rather crude). ...more

Top 10 Trends About Divorce in Our Culture

HBO is coming out with a new series–DIVORCE–that will run Sunday night at 10 pm (premiering October 9) depicting a couple aiming for...more

5 Reasons Your Libido is Sub-Zero–and How to Bring it Out of Hibernation!

Feel like you have no libido–as if it’s in hibernation or something? You’re not alone! I love talking on the blog about how libido is so much more than just physical–how it’s spiritual and emotional, too ....more

Getting Real: Maybe It’s Time to Make a Major Change

Have you been putting off taking care of yourself for far too long? My head is just spinning right now because I spent all day yesterday in an RV park with my husband in Kansas (I’m giving my Girl Talk in South Hutchinson tonight!) devouring so many of the awesome resources in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. I’ve made major headways when it comes to switching to real food in the past, so I haven’t been reading those resources as much ....more

8 Tips to Think About Weight Differently–And See Food As Your Friend

I shared yesterday about how we often approach losing weight the wrong way. We decide to temporarily cut back on all the things that we love so that we can reach some magical weight, because we figure weight is the problem. I’ve even heard people say that: “he has such a great metabolism he can eat anything and not gain weight!”, as if...more

How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

If you need to lose weight, how do you do it without making your family miserable in the process? That’s what a reader recently asked me: I feel like I have an addiction to food and I don’t want to constantly put my family on a special diet just because I want to lose ...more