Bleached White Flour = Sugar

Sheila Rae Changing the idea of the food we eat is going to be challenging.  For years, we have been told that grains of any kind are considered equal.  But newest research is saying this is not true all grains are not considered equal.  Farmers grow amazing grains but the Milling Industry take the simplist pure form grain and makes it into powder (lifeless powder).  Why?  Because each part of the whole grain has value and the more it is pulled apart the more money they make.  ...more

White Flour – The Glue for the Gut

Have you ever thought of it before quite like that? Most of us have not but think about what we did as children, we would take flour and water and make paste. In today’s world, so much food is made from these two basic components. It is in breakfast food, snacks, pasta, bread, cereal and the list just continues. Why do so many manufactures prefer bleached white flour to any other flour? ...more