Barney Frank and the Bailout Boy's Club

Way to go, Barney Frank. In his defense of the current FDIC Chairman, Sheila Blair, he calls out the incoming leadership's bailout team's decidedly "boyz club" behavior: As Politico writes: ...more

What's the value of a woman's life in Iraq?

What's the value of a woman's life in the Iraqi city of Basra? About $100.00, according to an article in the Guardian. ...more

Troopergate Report Released: Palin Abused Power of Office

The Anchorage Daily News published the "Troopergate" public report released by the Anchorage state legislature. Among the findings: that Governor Palin did abuse the power of her office, but that she also had a right to hire and fire executive appointments; that the workman's compensation for Trooper Wooten's claim was handled properly, and that the state attorney general did not provide email correspondence as requested by investigators. ...more

Let's just keep marching up to that crackling ceiling and bang hard. Let's not worry about ...more

End Sexism of Palin: Free Sarah Palin

Huffington Post links to a video of CNN's Campbell Brown has called on the McCain campaign to end their sexist treatment of Sarah Palin, and to "free Sarah Palin". This following yesterday's embarrassing fiasco when the campaign was so terrified that Palin may be asked a question from reporters that they almost missed their photo ops showing Palin with world leaders. ...more

Who says the Republican campaign is holding Sarah back?  Does anyone remember how very little ...more