The Heat Is On - Now What

Well folks, we've feared it for several weeks now but it seems the inevitable has come to pass - we are skipping spring here in NoVA and heading again, full force, into summer. On Friday morning when I left the house at 5.30 am it was 35 degrees. The same time today it was already in the upper 60s. Yesterday we flirted with the 90s and the sun was blazing brightly in the sky....more

There Are No Do-Overs

There Are No Do-Overs Sometimes being an adult is really hard work...and more often than not you find yourself wishing that you could have a do-over on so very many things.  From not forgetting to put the wet laundry into the dryer, to wishing you'd gone to bed earlier and actually could have slept, to regretting running that extra 2 miles just because you felt good at the time but now are suffering for it....more

Believe It Achieve It

I saw an article today that was all about "vision boards" and how they can be used to motivate and inspire you - keeping you focused on your goals and dreams.  OK, so I admit that I only got about two lines into the article before it lost me because it involved being crafty...and seeing how I'm more at home with power tools than I am arts & crafts, I figured the only way I'm getting a vision board is if someone else envisions and makes it for me.  HAH!...more
I love those words! @TheresaCifali I too was inspired by them days ago http:\/\/\/ExwJaUp9more

Running Into 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  It's hard to believe that yet another year is over and now a new one is upon us, but here we are......more

How Many Pairs???

How Many Pairs??? "New shoes?" "No...had them a while...just retired them actually..." "Oh...they're not the ones you wore last week..." "Hmm...I can't remember what I wore then, sorry..." ...more

Holiday Balance: Small Actions, Big Impacts

Holiday Balance - Small Actions, Big Impacts Oh the holiday season.  As if our "normal" lives are not busy enough, now we add company parties, family gatherings, present buying/wrapping/returning, travel, and so much more into the mix.  So, how do you do it all?  Stay calm and focused?  Still find time for yourself to exercise or feel even a tiny bit good about NOT falling off the wagon?...more

New Year's Resolutions: Focusing on the Positive

New Year's Resolutions: Focusing on the Positive It's that time of, not when the world falls in love - that's just in the song!  It's really that time of year when everyone WANTS something.  From Christmas letters to Santa to New Year's Resolutions, it's all about what we WANT.  Maybe this is why I love Thanksgiving so much?...more
I think the best gift anyone can give themselves over the New Years is to be kind to yourself ...more