Sarah Palin vs. Hilary Clinton - Don't They Both Have Vaginas?

Okay Ladies, I am officially confused.  To start off, I must explain that I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  Truth be known, I am not pleased with either presidential candidate at the moment.  The VP nominations have not helped. ...more

I agree with several of the other ladies who left comments.  This is not about being a woman, ...more

Make Your Own Halloween Decorations - Inexpensive style

Confession time.  My house is that house on the block that has never decorated for Halloween.  This year, things are going to change.  I am determined to decorate this year. I have a high criterea when it comes to Halloween decorations.  While I enjoy the fun nature of dressing up on Halloween, I must admit that I am passionately against the the blood and guts.  Halloween decorations must be cute, fun, and clean.  Here are the decorations I hope to make this year with TruckMan: ...more


Can I openly admit that I am frustrated with my weight?  There... I said it!  It feels so good to have that out in the open. I know I just had a baby seven weeks ago - but these love handles have GOT to go! I could join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Curves... but do I really want to spend money on weight loss support groups when I could spend that money on new clothes??  No way!  Besides, true dieting is not about making temporary modifications! ...more

Play Time: Broom Soccer

Items needed: Two brooms Two balls A designated goal area - examples include: between two couches, down the stairs, etc. Give your toddler a broom.  With your toddler, chase the ball after it has been hit by the broom.  Encourage the toddler to try and get the ball into the designated goal area.  Cheer on your toddler each time they make a goal! No clean up - minimal set up required. ...more

SheDating Ideas: Kids Again

For this date night, you will need the following items: Puzzles your kids use Lego’s Dolls and diapers Any other toy your kids love A watch Dessert To play, you will establish some kind of competition.  Some examples may include: ...more

Kitchen Organization to LOWER that Grocery Bill

It is Wednesday again, which means it is grocery shopping day.  Last Wednesday, many of you gave excellent suggestions on how to help LOWER that Grocery Bill… which I greatly appreciate - I love receiving your comments and suggestions - Thank you! Today, I have been thinking about how I can better organize my kitchen to once again LOWER that grocery bill.  ...more