When Competing Expectations Collide

We all have expectations for our lives, our families, our careers. When events and outcomes match up with our expectations we feel some level of satisfaction, perhaps even contentment.We’ve all experienced situations where the reality didn’t live up to our expectations. Temporary disappointment is the most common reaction.Too much disappointment can lead to unhappiness. The advice from masters of happiness is to change our expectations. I’m not going to argue with that advice in this post.Instead, I want to explore these questions:...more
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What's Your Story?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I want to be like   ________" [insert name of celebrity, athlete, corporate power broker, friend.]We all do. We all use others for comparison or contextual reference.Last year, I caught myself explaining a project as wanting it to be something like a cross between Oprah and MarieTV with a heavy dose of nature and animals. After I wrote that in a Facebook group, I later wondered if I was doing myself a disservice by using other people as reference points.Todd Henry has a saying:...more