9 Creative Ways to Save Water.

Our water usage has fallen by the wayside in the news since we had no droughts last year. I, however, like to be proactive rather than reactive. I also know that just because we avoided droughts in this country for a year or two it is not a sign that the water crisis has been averted. So I thought, as spring and summer are coming, which means less condensation, it was a great time to talk again about water conservation. Here are 9 ways to save or reuse water....more

How to promote a change.

In the wake of Martin Luther King’s birthday I wanted to share a quote with you that Scott, our designer, posted: “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. I started thinking about ways we can do this, if not to the same magnitude as MLK, then just in our own worlds, homes, jobs and lives....more

Tolerating Chemicals in our food.

Whenever conversations around me are going on about chemicals in our food people are always talking about how it didn’t used to be like this. It is only in the last three four decades or so that chemicals have been added to our food. I went along with this, thinking it made sense since the average number of people who are ill or plagued with various conditions continues to grow. But last night I was reading Julia Child’s book “My Life in France” when I found this passage and thought I might need to rethink my time line a little....more

First, I think we are subjected to so much advertising that it's hard to go against the ...more

Organic Baby food recipes for Christmas dinner

Just because baby isn’t old enough to weigh in on his/her food wishes for Christmas dinner doesn’t mean they should be forgotten as you plan your family meal.  There are so many ways to incorporate your food into your babies Christmas dinner that it is a shame not to. For instance: Use some cooked sweet potato, mash it with breast milk, or organic whole milk yogurt, add a little maple syrup and your baby is now enjoying nutritous and delicious sweet potatoes along with the family....more