Does God Still Raise the Dead?

Does God still raise the dead? YES. Come follow this week and hear how he did it for my friend.

Adoption Pearls from the Oyster of Adoption

 A lesson from nature teaches us that pain is the catalyst that makes the precious pearl. Through all the tough issues adoptees work through in the All-Adoptee ICU, pearls of wisdom are formed. Here is my "take" on the pearls. How about yours?...more

Before You Were Born

Before you were born,God was there bringing you to lifeand saying, “YES” to who you wereand all that you could be.He put His arms around you evenbefore you knew your mother’s touch.He cared for you as no one ever could.He has been your closest friendand constant companion–listening to your cry, enjoyingyour laughter, and encouraging youto follow him. He has never shut youout or made you feel ashamed.He has comforted you and carried your burdens....more
Very uplifting, thanks for sharing!more

Twenty Gifts of Being Adopted

1. The first gift is LIFE…May you remember the One who created you.2. The second gift is BIRTH…May you be grateful for she who chose to carry you.3....more

Family Christmas

Sherrie's "Take" On Missing Birth History

Sherrie’s “Take” on Her Missing HistoryOh, how I hate missing history! I know all about my birth mother’s genealogical family, but nothing about my birth father’s....more

Teaching Your Adopted Child About Nature & Nurture

Dear friends in adoption,Here are some creative ways that I've found to help your children integrate their dual-identity--birth and adoptive, nature and nurture....more