All work and no play....

... does make Sherri (me) a dull girl. And.... I'm not going to lose it a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining (as my segue to a rant indicates here), but.... I am snippy these days.After days of folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, making dinners that no one likes, and getting my winter frump on (UGGs, yoga pants, jogging bra, long-sleeved T, scarf, and hoodie), I get .... well... like I said, snippy (see, I even have advanced brain fry - not good for a writer who needs to be able to.... um.... use words). ...more

"Enjoy it; the time just goes SO fast."

And I get this "advice" often. And it is always regarding my kids. Usually, I am struggling with a grocery bag, a screaming toddler and a preschooler who wants gum while I try to have one of these conversations - you know.... one of those, "I know" (but you don't, really - you are IN it - how could you possibly be getting sentimental or weepy over a period in your life that is currently kicking your ass? Yes - the two and / or three or four year old is cute, but......more

What's in Your Pocket?

I love finding little bits of the past in unexpected places. I think I recently blogged about a drawing that my Mom, Olivia and I had done years ago when Olivia was a toddler or preschooler - dated it, put our names on it - and it was hiding in with some unused art supplies in Lilliana's room. Happy find. Most days, I can excavate something interesting from an area in our house. Last week, it was a shirt of Enzo's - one that he wore when he was only one or two years old or so - and it had fallen behind the drawers in his dresser and was just recently starting to cause a problem with one of the drawers shutting, so... I finally yanked it out - so cute. Another happy find. This week, it has been all about my pockets.... ...more

Juxtaposition of lives and.... avoiding the trappings of cliche.

I spend a lot of my time musing about my life BC (before children), but I spend a larger amount of time examining, exploring, reminiscing and kvetching a bit about my life now with 4!!!! kids as opposed to my life, years ago, with just 1 - my oldest, quite a bit older than her sibs - the child who enjoyed all the one on one time with me and hubby - the kid who now tells us she longed for little brothers and sisters for years - then, in the next breath, tells us how much they annoy her ;-). It fascinates me - the difference in these two lives of mine. And ... trust me.......more

The change of season and back to school...

And it is a welcome one. Really. I'm ready for the change.I drove the neighborhood today (quite like taking Olivia to the bus stop) - my regular path. Down to the end of the street - drop Olivia with the rest of the Oakland and Central kids then turn the corner and head into our neighborhood the back way - past houses I usually don't see - up and around the corner where we do know some kids. Up the street, past all the familiar haunts to our familiar "green house", as the boys say....more

Weary ....

And ... I'm not sure why. BUT - everything - literally EVERYTHING makes me tired, sore or creates such a brain fry, I can't even think straight lately....more


No - not me.... and definitely not the TV show. Yesterday, as I was feeling ultra-organized, having just attended a community event with all kids in tow and... throughout the lengthy event, I was able to produce whatever my restless kiddies needed - juice? got it. goldfish crackers? got those. multi-grain crackers? those too. In fact, I had little pretend play dollies, coloring books, electronic games, raisins, etc....more

What DOESN'T Matter.

In a previous post, I mention reaching out to others - even just to say "hi" - to hold the door, etc. From my perspective, I am a stay at home mom, who, for years, had limited interaction with people. I craved friendship. I was a little ashamed that I didn't have close friends nearby. I was happy in my world, but... I have to admit, I did get teary thinking about it all. So......more

When I started this venture....

... my kids were 1, 2, 4 and 12. What a difference just over a year makes. I remember telling my husband, when we first embarked on this consecutive pregnancies and / or the care and feeding of many small children and a budding "tween" - a couple of years ago - that we would "hunker" down - never travel - eat mac n cheese and hot dogs every night - like really LIVE!!!...more