Can't We All Just Get Along and Respect Each Other Day?

This may be the most stupid posting I will ever write, but hey, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. So, here we go. ...more

I think this is a great idea. Thank you for the optimism.more

What Makes a Man Sexy?

Love thy neighbor -and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.   ~Mae West~I just love Mae West.  ...more

Is There Anyone Else Out There That Hates Coffee?

All right, I know that I cannot be the only person on the planet that hates coffee. Where are my fellow coffee haters? We need to get together and have meetings at the local......????? HELP!! Where will we meet every month? Coffee lovers are taking over the world. These days everyone is meeting at the local coffee shop. Interviews are now held at the coffee shop. Business meeting are held at the coffee shop. Casual meetings are held at the coffee shop.  Dates meet at the coffee shop. I'M SICK OF THE LOCAL COFFEE SHOP!!!...more

I will scream if women do not stop call each other FAT!!!!

This weekend I was at the mall shopping with a "friend" and all she could talk about was how fat the women in the mall were. She just lost 25 pounds and I remember when she would get angry when people would comment on her weight. Personally, I did too.  Weight is just one of those things that just does never mattered to me. She ruined my entire afternoon (no to mention my Haagen Daz Carmel malt that I was enjoying, I threw it away) and I just walked away and I ACTUALLY CAUGHT THE BUS HOME, because I was dumb enough to let her drive....more


I am sorry to heat that your family is so casual about something so cruel. We can't ...more