A Review of Helpful Things for Self-Hosting Starters

Hooray! Today is the day that the blog design is really done and I can stop messing with it for awhile. Most issues have been resolved and I’m finally very happy with the way this thingie both works and looks - even more so because I did it myself, and that’s a fun feeling. I spent a lot of money this summer on things I couldn’t afford, meaning a professional blog design got cut off the list. I was kind of jealous of the people who had such pretty pages on their own domain names and blog lust kicked in. ...more

Put Asunder

It's 6 am and I'm in my study, tap-tapping away at my keyboard while E snores. I can't sleep. Twelve hours ago, I turned my phone on vibrate as I was getting ready to go to dinner with a cute coworker I have been sort of dating for the last two weeks. More on him some other time. On my way home, I discovered I'd missed a text from Mel, followed ten minutes later by a call from her husband. ...more

Fear and Self-Loathing

Hi. My name is Rebekah and I’m an alco- well, I might be an – okay, the Alcoholics Anonymous website quiz indicates that I have a drinking problem. That is to say, I have no problem drinking. A lot. ...more

I read your whole post, and I think, 'man, she can write', ...more

An Open Letter to Angry People Who Are, or Think They Are, Fat.

I am 5’3” and I weigh 120 pounds. Yay me. And I am just as entitled to worry about my health and appearance as you are. The problem I have with you is that you don’t seem to believe that I am just as entitled to TALK about it as you are. Today I was on the elevator with two of you, my coworkers, heading to lunch. You were talking about how you wanted the ribs or the fried chicken but should probably just have the mandarin salad with lite dressing and a glass of water, and what would I be having? ...more

You are so right!

We need to stop hating our fellow women (why is it mostly women who do ...more