Writer's Workshop: Prompt #4 for 5 January

  4.) What happened in 2010 that you’d rather not repeat?This one is unfortunately easy. I got pregnant, I had a baby. I never want to repeat it again....more

Memory Loss

I realized today, on my way to see my counsellor, that I can no longer remember what it felt like to be pregnant. This was kicked off because, in my sick haze, I grabbed the first pair of available pants and they just so happened to be a pair of my "thin" jeans. When I say thin, I mean like they didn't fit after the holidays last year, as opposed to my other pre-pregnancy jeans. They'd always been a little tight, didn't have any stretch, and had a seam that rubbed a bit. They fit perfectly now, which is great because all my other pants give me plumber's crack....more


I fail at blogging. I haven't even updated since last year. I'm going to lie and pretend we've been really busy. And really, we kind of have, between Hanukkah, Christmas, our anniversary, and New Year's. Two thirds of us are also sick. But mostly, I'm lazy and haven't had much to say. I graduated from the Day Programme the Friday before Christmas Eve. In a way, it was a good time to go; I felt ready and I knew that I would be busy going into Christmas week. One of the main things that was impressed upon me was that I need to keep busy....more

And One Not About Depression

I'm not writing about depression today because it's too depressing. Instead, I'm going to bitch about health care... not that that isn't depressing....more

Okay Day vs. Very Bad Day

Today was mostly an okay day. I say mostly because I'm not feeling so positive now. Yesterday? A Very Bad day. That's what my world consists of right now: okay or Very Bad. There's no in between. Today, I felt like I could almost handle having a baby. I only had a few moments, mostly in the evening, of wishing that I could have a do-over of the entire last year....more

I feel what you are going through. I know that most Moms have felt this way one time or another. ...more


I haven't posted anything recently and, although I wish I could say it was because I'm so busy and over the moon about my daughter, it's not. Busy, yes, but happy? Not at all. I am sort of reposting this from my private journal in hopes that it will help someone else, especially since I received so much support from my friends. I am going to state right now that I am under a doctor's care, I'm taking medication, and I'm seeing a counsellor for my depression. Piggles is well taken care of and thriving. The only person who is not doing so well is me....more