Wild Animals as Pets

Bear with me while I stroll down memory lane for a bit.  When I was very young, Zippy the Chimp was all the rage.  I had my own stuffed Zippy, whom I dearly loved and carried around with me everywhere.  I also had the Zippy the Chimp Golden Book, which was well loved, well worn and well read.  I don’t remember if the Cowboy Zippy pictured above was in the Golden Book, but I do remember seeing that picture often....more

Photos of Extinct Animals

If you visit any websites that focus on science or subscribe to magazines of the same kind (like National Geographic or Discover), you are constantly reading about threatened or endangered animals.  When you are reading Earth History books, it’s easier to view the many different species adapting and changing to different environments by evolving into a new species, or even dying out entirely.  But it is difficult to watch when it is happening right in front of you.  For today, let’s take a look into the past, at some animals that are now extinct (but fai...more

Moon Blindness in Horses

Talk2theAnimals Wisdom Behind the Whiskers Forum

After the absence last month, I bet you're all really excited for another Wisdom Behind the Whiskers Forum.  I know I am!  It's coming up this Wednesday, November 4, from 7-8 PM CST.  The Talk2theAnimals Wisdom Behind the Whiskers Forum is a wonderful way to connect with others who are interested in animal communication and to learn a whole lot about it.  The best part is, the discussion is completely guided by you!  You send in your questions when you register, and then I answer it during the forum....more

Using Your Intuition

I recently wrote a post where I listed different areas and different ways you can use your intuition.  I received a lot of feedback saying how helpful the list was, so here are some more places and ways to use your intuition. When Driving:...more

What Happens During an Animal Communication?

One of the most questions I’m asked most frequently--well, after people exclaim, “You mean you really talk to animals?”--is this: “What happens during an animal communication?” The short answer is anything and everything.  Just like when you’re talking with humans, sometimes the conversations are everyday and humdrum.  There are times, however, when the unexpected happens....more

Animal Communication 101

I have found out that people generally fall into three categories when it comes to animal communication:...more

Animal Communication from a Sheep

Like us humans, animals do better if they have a responsibility, or a job to do.  The job, or responsibility, is based on the animal’s natural abilities, so it will be different depending on which animal it is.  My dog Teddy’s job was to greet people.  He was a natural at it, he felt important when he did that, and his greeting always brought a smile to the face of the person he was saying hello to....more

Symbolic Attributes of Birds

When I Talk2theAnimals, I am doing just that, having a conversation with a different species than my own.  Normally, a conversation is simply a conversation, but there are occasions when it is helpful to know more about the animal to aid me in understanding their point of view.  The environment where they are found, their coloring, their biological habits, and even their mythological and symbolic meanings all help me to understand the conversation in a more complete way way....more

Talk2theAnimals Animal Communication Twarty

This is a quick reminder that the Talk2theAnimals animal communication Twarty will be occurring this Tuesday, 20 October from 7-8 PM CDT.  Come and ask your questions about animal communication, get answers to your questions, and all in 140 characters or less!  Join in some fun discussions with people fascinated with animal communication,...more