Be a Better Blogger: Learn from the Pros

I know that many of my readers are bloggers themselves. And I know that we, bloggers, always want to improve not only our writing, but our popularity, pageviews, and maybe even our potential revenue. At least I do ....more

Celebrating National Coffee Day with Keurig 2.0

Yes, National Coffee Day was Monday (which is when I’m writing this), so I’m a day late. But I didn’t want to miss my chance to show off my Keurig 2.0, which I received free through my association with Influenster. All opinions are caffeinated my own ....more

Two Months Unemployed Update

It’s been a little over two months since I was fired lost my job....more

In Order to Form a More Active Nation: Lorna Jane Active Nation Day

There’s a holiday coming up on Sunday that you might not know about. It’s Lorna Jane Active Nation Day! While you may not get a paid day off from work, there are still many reasons to be excited about the day ....more

Pre-Opening Party at Whole Foods

Partying at Whole Foods! Alan and I were invited to a private pre-opening party at the new Whole Foods in Palm Desert on Monday. Today is the grand opening and I couldn’t be more excited! ...more

I Don’t Feel Like Writing. The Weekend in Pictures

After a long, busy weekend, it is hard to settle down and write. Though once I get started I usually start rambling. In any case, busy weekend ....more

Gifts on the Corner and some Fab Friday Updates

First, the Fab Friday Updates Have you entered the giveaway to win the Armour39 Performance Monitor? The giveaway ends at midnight on Tuesday. Enter now! ...more

It’s Not Hard to Eat Vegan: 5 Tips to Help You Switch to a Plant Based Diet. VeganMoFo Day 18

I have so many people, even vegetarians, tell me, “It must be so hard to eat like you do.” I can see that, at first glance, following a vegan diet can look complicated and intimidating. Others think that the hard part is giving up the foods that they like, not generally talking about meat, but much more often they mean giving up sweet treats and,...more

Herbed Risi Salad with Tarragon Dressing. Vegan Mofo Day 16

I’m popping in quickly to share this amazing recipe. It’s a take off on a favorite (and long gone) restaurant dish. Way back when, I used to have it with chicken, but even then (this was over 10 years ago), the restaurant offered a vegan version with seitan ....more

A Multi Purpose Speed Workout plus Armour39 Giveaway

As most runners know, doing some kind of speed training can really help your race times improve....more