Madras Potato Chips

Isn't it interesting that sometimes a name of a place is tagged on to a dish?  For example, I wonder how the name Mysore Pak came about for that delicacy as indeed Maddur Vada for another favourite from my home state of Karnataka in India....more

A Tribute To Tarla Dalal

Many ladies of my generation in India owe a huge debt of gratitude to the late Tarlaji Dalal who sadly passed away last November. Tarla Dalal became a household name in India and we grew up learning her recipes, even from the days when there was no internet. We used to write down the recipes in our "Recipe Books" on seeing them in the popluar magazines of those days ....more

Paneer Jhalfrezi

Paneer Jhalfrezi is a popular dish amongst vegetarians in India.  In case "paneer"  is not familiar to you, it  is cottage cheese,  "Jhal Frezi" comes from the Bengali term for a 'spicy dish."You would need the following ingredients to make this dish:Ingredients:...more

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is probably the biggest festival that we celebrate in India. The meaning and significance of the festival is best described here.  All over the country, people greet family and friends with sweets, which are traditionally made at home. Lamps are lit in the evenings and every house, big or small, is spruced up for this festival....more

My Top 5 Recipes

Ever since I started my food blog called, "Cooking With Shobana" in March, 2013,  I have been using the Blogger platform. Many discussions take place about the merits and de-merits of this in comparison with others like Wordpress, but I am quite content with Blogger and I would like to explain why....more

Navratri Festival : A Feast of Colors

In India, we are in the midst of the nine day festival we call Navratri. There is so much of vibrancy and joy as we celebrate the Goddess in her many forms.  Navratri has to be one of the most colorful of the many festivals we have. ...more

Using Oats in Indian Cooking

As people in India become more health conscious, there has been a marked increase in our consumption of oats. In earlier years oats was, at best, used to make porridge in more Westernized homes. We didn't much hear of the use of oats in making  our traditional Indian dishes. But all this is changing- for the better....more

Paranthas: A Favourite Indian Food

The Parantha or Paratha (Indian flatbread)  is a common feature in an Indian meal. Although it has its origins in the Punjab and the North of India, it has now become available country-wide. In the North, it is served both as a breakfast item or along with the meal while as in South India it is considered more suitable for lunch or dinner!...more

Journey of a Food Blogger

Since I love cooking and have a passion to try out recipes new to me, I started an album in my Facebook Page which was naturally called,  “I Love Cooking!” Seeing the pictures in this album my friends suggested that I start a blog. I was very hesitant at first. My husband who manages not one but four blogs of his own was highly enthusiastic. He convinced me this would be a good medium to share what I know about something I am passionate about. ...more

Godu (Sweet) Appos for Ganesh Chaturthi

If you wander in the streets of India's cities today, you will find preparations on to celebrate the major Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi starting August 29. You will find thousands of idols of Lord Ganesha out on sale. Many devout Hindus will take  home the God we believe is the remover of obstacles and the provider of wisdom....more