Early Reader Books - 15 Favorite Back to School Stories

Recently, when we met with our virtual school classmates and teachers for this year at a local library, we spent a while checking out all the back to school books. We found some really great stories to share for this week's favorites post.  While many of our friends are still enjoying their last moments of Summer vacation, we're excited to be back to learning new things. Maybe a small part of us is a little jealous and longing for the long relaxing days of Summer....more

Another Year's Education Perspective

When another parent asks me why we chose to homeschool, I find it very easy to explain our decision. The answer is a simple one, it works best for us. It doesn't work for everyone, but fortunately we're all given the freedom of choice. If your child works better in a structured classroom, then that's what you should do. If your child requires special attention, you should find the best form of support possible. If your child is extremely intelligent and wants to learn more than school has to offer, follow their vision and watch them fly....more

Early Reader Books - 10 Favorite Bedtime Books

Normally we do four favorites but it was too hard to pick just a few when we had so many great ones to share. Every night we have a story time, whether we're home or away, on the road in a car or snuggled into bed, Pie picks three for Pops McGops to read and one for herself. Since we do our reading during the day for school or just because, I get to do the songs.  Some may find our bedtime routine a little extreme... Some nights it feels that way, especially when she pulls out all her favorite stalling tactics....more

15 Documentaries for Kids to Watch During the Slow Days of Summer

During the summer months we don't apply as much pressure on Pie to focus on school. She's able to spend those three months following her own passions, exploring new things, and adventuring outside of school. However, we do urge her to do things like write letters, read books, and learn new things. ...more

14 Books On Video for Early Readers

Revisiting my favorite books from when I was a kid might be one of my favorite parts of being a parent. Remembering how much I related to some of the characters when I was a child is like revisiting the past. Watching Pie now find her own connection to those characters is something that will never get old for me. Growing up in the digital age is much different for her than it was for us 80's kids. However, some of the 80's video versions of those books are way better than today's. ...more
dailymomtivity We love using youtube for stories when we're on the road or can't get to our ...more

Early Reading Books - Four Favorite Heart Warming Stories

Way back before Pie was born we started our collection of story books and board books. Some were given to us by our family, others we found while thrift shopping, and even more at local consignment shops. We have a very extensive library at home but that never stops us from visiting our local library for titles we don't own. Some of Pie's favorite stories are pretty heart warming and they might be some of my favorite kinds.  ...more

Early Reading Books - Four Favorite Silly Stories

Reading repetition played a major role in Pie's early reading skills. Reading the same stories may have made us a little crazy, over and over, every night for weeks and sometimes months. We sometimes thought she would never want to read another new thing again. Then she started to pick her own books to read, part of our bedtime routine. Interestingly enough, it was the books she made us read so many many many times. ...more

14 Ways to Promote Reading at Home

We're often asked how we taught Pie to read at such an early age (at about 3 and a half she started on sight word books).  Perhaps they are hoping to hear about our super top-secret magic trick, but the truth is we just read... a lot. Every single day, without exception, we read around and with Pie and now she reads around and with us. ...more

10 Ways To Keep It Together While Homeschooling

Someone recently asked me how I find balance homeschooling while working at home.  The truth is working at home and homeschooling (or virtual public school, which ever team you're on) just works best for us right now. Honestly, between working at home and teaching our daughter, educating her is definitely the harder job of the two.  The hardest part is finding ways to do the work without exhausting ourselves or becoming frustrated with each other.  Here are a few things I keep in mind when juggling the life we've made: ...more

The School Debate, One Family's Perspective

Our daughter, Pie, falls just days before the deadline for Kindergarten. She was born just a few days before the county decided was the cut off for her grade.  She has been blessed and cursed with perpetually being the youngest in her class. When her fifth birthday came around, we didn't think her freshly five self was ready to be dropped off at a bus stop at 7 a.m. (a time she only sees on the most random of days) and ushered into the public school system.  She is mature enough to handle it, but why rush it when she's got options....more
MLC311 Thanks so much! I have heard of Montessori, such a great philosophy for kids. Especially ...more