Car seat! Camera! Birth Plan! Action! — Packing the Hospital Bag

36 weeks pregnant and hopefully a whole four more to go!Today I'm at 36 weeks and three days. Apparently, our baby could arrive at any moment, give or take some time around his due date on March 9th....more

Kidney Pains, Naps, and Bad Juju: Surviving First Trimester Symptoms

I’ve always loved traveling, but when I landed in London to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time, my body was in shambles. My sinuses pulsed, my back ached and my bum sore. I had a cold, a UTI, and I felt like someone had pulled the plug on my energy. With a slight glimmer of optimism I rushed to the drugstore and grabbed a pregnancy test. It was negative, and I was bummed....more

New Mommy Blogger on BlogHer – Organic and Affordable Global Family Recipes

2013 brought about a lot of newness. I moved back to San Francisco from Beijing, married a tall, man version of me — a friend of 12 years — and we are now expecting a son next month. It's all quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I had no idea what pregnancy would entail. It's more than a positive stick test, morning sickness, big belly then baby. There's a whole narrative and volumes of dialogue to fuel an industry of blogs and books, nonstop....more