It's funny the choices we unintentionally make.

I stumbled upon my BlogHer post feed and, well, there's one post up. It was all about a former love and the grass that we've neglected to the point of, well, pointlessness. How funny that all of these platforms that do so much to launch us into the oblivious whirlwind of success, come to be neglected, for lack of a better term, when projects and the like begin to take off. ...more

Past loves and sod prep. Hand in hand they go.

Living in a rental property presents some challenges for the tenants.  Me being on the tenant side of things, I have mastered the skill of beneficial persuasion from the tenant to landlord communication. The biggest and best tip I can ever give to those forced to, or voluntarily, in the rental position is that it never, ever, ever hurts to ask. The worst you can get is a "No." Which is not all that life-shattering if you really think about it. ...more

He's the type would say "Absolutely." And probably throw in an offer to get someone look at it ...more