Chef’s Table at JW Marriot, Chandigarh: A lesson in Tiramisu and lasagna

The Saturday that went, was spent treating my stomach to a cloud like tiramisu, amongst other deliciously prepared food and enjoying the company of some very lovely foodies. JW Marriot and the people behind GourmetChandigarh (instagram: @gourmetchandigarh) organized a Chef’s Table at Oregano, JW Marriot, Chandigarh...more

Savory Vegetable Pie

When my my parents were living in Allahabad, there was a lady my mom told me about who made really scrumptious pies. She was sweet enough to send two savory veg pies for me when I was around. The crust was buttery and rich...more

Peanut Butter Cookies

I know its a Tuesday and I know I haven’t been regular with GMT postings but I am sure the recipe for these peanut butter cookies will make up for the lack of me posting something Indian. Last week was rough- a tragedy happened during the renovation of our house which ended up in a worker’s death. It shook all of us and I can not even imagine what his family must have gone through ....more

Number Sugar Cookies

Surprise! Surprise! I am here with a post other than GMT!! ...more

GMT: Kasauli Day trip

Our companion on our trip. If you have been following my facebook or instagram page, you must have seen a picture or two of my trip to Kasauli recently. Since I have not entered the kitchen to make anything Indian in the longest time, I thought I will just share my experience and pictures from that...more

GMT : Prawns in garlic and curry leaves

A simple and easy prawns (shrimp) dish made with garlic and curry leaves. In my last post (which was two weeks back- I know, sorry! my bad!) I talked to you about the food we had in Goa ....more

GMT: Food in Goa

The Veg Burger at Thalassa, Goa Staple diet in Goa The View at Marriot, Goa ...more


Wishing all the readers of The Novice Housewife a very happy New Year and lots and lots of good food like this stuffed mushroom and spinach braided bread. 2014 was not too great blogging wise. I did not post as often as I would have liked to ....more

Copy Cat P.F. Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

So I wont bore you yet again with I have been busy and apologize yet again for being MIA. I think thats just been so overdone on the blog lately. So let’s get past that and let’s concentrate on today’s recipe ....more

GMT: Motichoor Halwa

After a long hiatus, (probably...more