Social Media & Relationships-Are you an SMS?

This looks pretty funny huh?If so, lets talk about this combination; Social Media and Relationships. Hey you?!...more

Are You a Victim of Your Own Imagined Supremacy?

  As I make my way through Facebook and across the Internet, I am witnessing a disturbing and continuing resurgence.  Perhaps because it’s a particular heated election year, I am reading views, and am taking notice of big ideas based on superiority, race, freedom & perhaps the outcome of our legacy as various people on this planet.  One thing I’ve noticed; clearly there are many angry, furious, frustrated and some downright ignorance on Facebook and the Internet. ...more

We. Humanity.

Just a thought…I read many earnest, powerful and affirming words online that are reflections. They are reminiscences about struggles of citizens of various races, creeds, paths, viewpoints and religions.And trust me, I get it.For the most part people are zealous about their birthright; who they are and where they come from. You can’t ignore the imprint of historical events that have shaped who we are individually & collectively; especially when we look thru the prism of race & region and even religion. ...more

The Beauty of The Unknown

    There is a sticky and all-encompassing sweetness that dwells within the unknown. This uncertainty presents its own dance to which there are no instructions, no rules, and no presets to consider. There is only what IS. What I am learning with every ache is that you must pursue the syncopation of your own hearts desires, even when your bodies reactions and the fears created by your mind hasten to stop you....more

Food For Thought....

No TitleNo FormatJust truth....If you want it...go get it...accept no limits, give in to no distractions;step into the space & call into existence what is already meant for your life.Don't feel bad for wanting what YOU WANT!!...more

Talking to our Youth, Remembering Ourselves....

      I had the ‘opportunity’ to speak to my youngest child today who is 18 years old. As we spoke about the cycle of life, she uttered the words, ‘its so hard out here’. I continued to listen to her ‘story’. She said something in the manner of not knowing what to do, as if there was not an option for her current living.  After taking her all in, I said to her, ‘do not put a period in your process’. ...more

Waiting on the World to Change? STOP IT!!

 I’ve been waiting on the world to change, when I should’ve been focused on changing myself. It has come to my attention, more astutely, that putting your faith in things out of your control will set you back about 10 years; causing you to habitually scratch your head, feel heartaches, and suffer longer than you may have, had you paid greater attention to the power that lay inside of you.Why is that we wait on the world or other people to change?...more

Two Into One: Are you Living a Dual Life?

       As I push thru this life, striving to live more honestly, examining my own heart, freeing the self of Ego, and in general wanting to be a better person, a thought arose.  This thought was about living with a dual mind. Duality: a situation or nature that has two states or parts that  are complementary or opposed to each other.  ...more

Reactions...are you responsible for yours?

Have you ever shared your truth? Delivered it with no anger or malicious intent, and once you did, the person you were speaking to literally goes off? On more than one instance that ‘go off’ person was ME.  I would become nasty or yell because I’d become irritated that something did not go my way. If anything rubbed against this grain, I would react with resentment. My anger would parley into ugliness coupled with the infamous, ‘let it sit and fester’ show!...more

Living in the Dreamstream & Finding your stride

   I’ve recently had the opportunity to speak to a variety of people and to witness in diverse online paradigms the words, worlds and journeys of those who are hitting their stride and making their dreams come true.There is this truth light that radiates as you see the smiling, contented faces, the upright, open body language, and the enthusiasm in their voices. ...more