Cutting the Cord

I'm addicted to Facebook. I'm addicted to Twitter. I'm addicted to Google Reader. I'm addicted to email. I'm addicted to my Blackberry, which helps me keep up with Facebook and Twitter and Google Reader and email. ...more

Much Ado About To-Do's

I wrote those goals in January for the new year. Here's a progress report: 1) Live Better: C+2) Live Healthier: F-3) Live Smarter: B- ...more

Friendly Advice

In the grand scheme of things, I have an awesome son. He is very smart, clever, funny, and caring. However, he just turned thirteen, and even the best of children are not immune to the teenage years. I'm starting to see the changes in him as he makes the transition from childhood to becoming a young man. It's interesting to witness the conflict within him as he struggles between being the boy who loves and needs his mom, and being the young man who needs his independence and mom is in the way. He's starting to test his limits, not to mention my nerves! ...more

A Moment

Last night when I climbed into bed, I cuddled close to Lily and just stared at her for awhile. I love those quiet moments where I can just look at her, when she's still and peaceful, and I just lay there and try to memorize her every feature. I don't ever want to forget how it feels to cuddle her close. The sweet smell of her breath. The silky softness of her hand. ...more

Soundtrack of My Life

Ever since I had that flash back session a couple of weeks ago, I've been on this quest to get my hands on old school slow jams from the 80's and 90's. I dug through all my old CD's, spent hours on Google searching for "80's love songs" and "90's hits", and got a little too download happy with iTunes. As I found song after song from my past, the memories came flooding back like a mo fo. Memories I had long forgotten about. ...more


Monday morning my cell phone rang. I looked at the number, didn't recognize it, ignored the call. About an hour later my phone rang and the same number showed up on my screen. It was from the Modesto area, where my son is visiting, so I figured it must be him calling me from an unknown number. I picked it up. Me: Hello? Voice: Shirlene? It's your Ben, your brother. I immediately got up and started pacing the room. I hadn't spoken to Ben for about twenty years. ...more

Who Says Romance is Dead?

After 7 1/2 years of birthdays, Christmases, Valentine's Days, dating anniversaries, and wedding anniversaries, we've kinda run out of gift ideas. Which is really unheard of when it comes to me, because I always want something. Always. At any given moment I can without a moment's hesitation give you five gift ideas in any price range. But this year I just can't think of anything I want. Well, anything that's affordable anyway. And Steve is always impossible to shop for. He always says he doesn't want anything, but deep down he really does, he just doesn't know what. ...more

Those Were the Days

Last night I heard some old school jams playing from my brother's room, so Lily and I moseyed on over. When my brother and I were younger, we used to love sitting in the car or hanging out in one of our rooms listening to music and singing along. Oh man, some of the songs we listened to last night had me flashing back like a mo fo. We had fun singing along, trying to remember the lyrics correctly. Then my brother played Always and Forever, and suddenly, unexpectedly, I wanted to burst into tears. ...more

Gathering Twigs

I just finished reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book was a bit more whimsical than I'm used to, but I found it charming and thought-provoking. Paulo used his imagination to creatively communicate the importance of chasing one's dreams, and the importance of every single step along the way. A particular quote struck me: "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." Read more at ...more

Anti-Mom Antic #1

I was so exhausted today, so I tried to get Bugaboo to take a nap with me. However, she didn't feel like napping. Of course. So I pulled a few of her books into bed with us and read to her as we laid side by side. Well, I must of dozed off for a quick second because before I even realized it, the book slipped out of my hands and fell on her head... Read more at ...more