A Chinese Mom's Take on "Superiority" and Reaching for the A+

I have a Chinese mother--and I am a Chinese mother. Am I superior, as Amy Chua posits in her article in the Wall St. Journal, "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior." Well, seeing as my son is only two, I can't attest to my parenting skills yet. ...more

Help heal the seas--starting with your own plate

I was inspired to write this post on sustainable seafood for an Asian audience for a couple of reasons. One, the environmental movement, in my experience, is not very diverse. And, awareness of the ocean's troubles is much higher among Caucasians. But the eating of some of the ocean's most threatened species is happening in Chinatown. But I think all of these solutions can be applied to everyone. Hope you agree!...more

I just can't eat seafood at all anymore, well except for wild salmon every once in a while. ...more