Our Experience in Lancaster

This past weekend, my family, husband and I,  slept at the CHURCHTOWN INN B&B in Narvon, PA. This B&B is near the Amish farms and Mennonite churches. This is the first bed and breakfast for us. We are used to sleeping in hotels when we go away but we wanted to experience something different....more

Do You Share Your FACEBOOK with your man/woman?

Most of my friends already know that I share my facebook with my husband, Enzo. The only thing is - It has my name on it. When he feels the need to comment on a post, he would put an E symbol to show it's him who is posting....more

Are you a Name Brand Junkie?

What are some of the name brand clothing & accessories you just HAVE to have? Is it because you like the style, everyone has it, or it makes you feel like a celebrity?Before I start, I am not writing this  post to judge anyone. Don't take it to offense. I am just going to state why I am not obsessed with it....more


What makes someone "annoying" on FACEBOOK?  Do you find yourself hiding or deleting more and more people? Why do they get offensive when they find out? I am sure we all have had our moments of being annoying ourselves. Many of us have been through that phase. I can say I may have annoyed people when I had to promote my dad's performances when he was singing at local hot spots every weekend.These are some of the things that annoy me (and most people)...more


My parents were born in Sicily, Italy and came here when they were really young. I'd like to say that they brought the best parts of the Italian tradition  to America.Italian-Americans are somewhat different than the Italians in Italy from what I saw myself. They do not eat eggs in the morning, they use eggs for some dinner recipes. They also do not eat as much as Italian-Americans here is the U.S.For holidays we all get together and feast on antipasto, first course (pasta), main course, and later on we enjoy coffee and pastries. ...more


Brooklyn's annual 18th Avenue SANTA ROSALIA  Feast!Tonight (AUG 27) my cousin CALEPS DJ is DJ-ing at the feast &  my   father ANGELO VENUTO will be appearing singing his dance remixes - club hits "L'Italiano", "Ti Amo" &  "Sweet Caroline"The 18th ave feast will have many food stands - sausage & pepper stands / fried zeppolis and even summer drink stands. The feast is about 10 - 20 blocks....more


Have you ever saw someone pick their nose and now everytime you see them, that image of them stays in your file/memory?Every person you know has a file that you create for them. Some are good files and some are bad files. Some are the most embarassing files....more

What happens when you turn 30?

So I am turning 30 years old November 12! A part of me is really excited and a part of me is upset that I wont have the number 2 before the other digit. I'd like to believe that my tolerance has changed, also what I care for and who I want around me.When I was in my teens / early 20's I cared more about what people think. I am not saying I don't care at all, but I do care a lot less. I never left my house without eyeliner or my hair done just incase someone good looking saw me. I wanted to look my best in public....more
A lot has changed in the years just before and since turning 30 and I'm happy for all of it. I ...more


Brooklyn's annual 18th Avenue SANTA ROSALIA  Feast!...more


I think we can all agree that the world and the people in it has changed. Women couldn't vote until 1920. Women tended to their homes while the men worked. Now-a-days women and men are "almost equal". I say almost because I believe that women should still act like ladies with class and be a little more delicate than men....more