SP Talks to WWE Star Roman Reigns

He’s regal, he’s lethal and he reigns supreme today on Wrestlemania 31....more

WWE’s Roman Reigns – The 1st SP Wrestling Cutie!

SP was excited to interview the WWE Star Roman Reigns as he prepped for Wrestlemania 31. However, it became increasingly difficult to do the research because every five seconds we were stopping to ask, “did you SEE this MAN?!” He is certainly an SP Cutie. Reigns, whose given name is Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi, is half-Samoan, half-Italian and fully FINE ....more

1st Black Starting Quarterback James Harris Retires

Harris Started Something – The First Black QB to Open an NFL Season as the #1 Quarterback on the Roster Retires from Pro Football “We know that the history of the N.F.L. can’t be written without mentioning James Harris,” Ozzie Newsome. James Harris, 1st African-American Starting Quarterback in the NFL With little of the richly deserved fanfare, James “Shack” Harris retired from his front office post with the NFL’s Detroit Lions. He didn’t want the team or the league to make a big deal about his exit, but it is a very big deal ....more

Knuckleball! Documentary Follows Pitchers Dickey and Wakefield

“I don’t even think he knows where it’s going.” Derek Jeter The knuckleball is tricky. Jeter’s description of R.A. Dickey’s delivery that consistently tripped him up just as aptly describes the tumultuous career of any true knuckleballer....more

Bismack Biyombo Shares Meal With Homeless Man

Positive, inspirational stories rarely make their way on to the front of the sports page these days. The Charlotte Bobcats’ Bismack Biyombo’s tale of a night with a homeless stranger couldn’t knock off the rumors of a damning Dez Bryant video. Thankfully, good news, like good cream, rises to the top ....more

Baylor Dismisses RB Silas Nacita From Football Team

Silas Nacita issued a statement earlier today discussing his dismissal from the Baylor Bears football team....more

Serge Ibaka: Son of the Congo To Premiere At #SXSW

“The dream is free.” The Serge Ibaka life story seems almost surreal. The Grantland Features documentary Serge Ibaka: Son of the Congo is set to premiere at #SXSW in just two weeks. The trailer itself is riveting ....more

Gronk Reads Sexy Erotica at Super Bowl Media Day

At Super Bowl Media Day, Rob Gronkowski rocked the crowd with his reading of the newly released book, A Gronking to Remember: Book One in the Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series. Amazon says the new book promises its readers: “a sex-filled story of wanton lust with a super-sexy, sex-filled happy ending.” ...more

“Wasn’t Me.” – Belichick, Brady and the Eddie Defense

For the past week, Deflate Gate overshadowed the exciting sports stories and those tearjerking, never-thought-I’d-be-here features we’ve grown accustomed to during days leading up to the Super Bowl. No one knows any more than the sports world knew when the Indianapolis Colts reported the potential rules violation following the AFC Championship game. Just the plain, simple fact that 11 of the 12 Patriots balls weren’t sufficiently inflated ....more

WINNER! PhDinTDs Takes the SP Crown

And the inaugural winner of the Sideline Pass Fantasy Football League is…PhDinTDs. PhDinTDs is also the regular season champion AND is the highest scoring team in the league this year. Well played, PhdinTDs, well played ....more