Gronk Reads Sexy Erotica at Super Bowl Media Day

At Super Bowl Media Day, Rob Gronkowski rocked the crowd with his reading of the newly released book, A Gronking to Remember: Book One in the Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series. Amazon says the new book promises its readers: “a sex-filled story of wanton lust with a super-sexy, sex-filled happy ending.” ...more

“Wasn’t Me.” – Belichick, Brady and the Eddie Defense

For the past week, Deflate Gate overshadowed the exciting sports stories and those tearjerking, never-thought-I’d-be-here features we’ve grown accustomed to during days leading up to the Super Bowl. No one knows any more than the sports world knew when the Indianapolis Colts reported the potential rules violation following the AFC Championship game. Just the plain, simple fact that 11 of the 12 Patriots balls weren’t sufficiently inflated ....more

WINNER! PhDinTDs Takes the SP Crown

And the inaugural winner of the Sideline Pass Fantasy Football League is…PhDinTDs. PhDinTDs is also the regular season champion AND is the highest scoring team in the league this year. Well played, PhdinTDs, well played ....more

The Cleveland Cavaliers: Attempting To Build Their Dream Team

Let’s be honest, once the news broke that LeBron James would return to Cleveland, high expectations were set. Why wouldn’t they be sky high when players like Kevin Love, Mike Miller and Shawn Marion are acquired? On paper – in addition to Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao and LeBron James – that roster looks intense ....more

SP Hot Reads – Bells, Cuban and Cubano in the MLB

Enjoy these Three HOT Reads plus some video for you today. There’s the story of how 74-year-old NFL HOF’er Bobby Bell honors his promise to his father. Take a look at Cuban baseball stars throughout the year and listen to Mark Cuban discuss his ownership of the NBA Mavs ....more

Dominique Wilkins Talks Diabetes and Dunks!

NBA Hall of Fame member Dominique Wilkins chatted with Sideline Pass founder Mia Jackson...more

Treatment for Addiction to Painkillers – Interview with Dr. Dan Rubenstein

Source: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine Recently, addiction expert...more

Welcome To The NFL, Johnny Football

Gabrielle’s in LA looking back on Cleveland. Follow her as she reunites with her hometown. Los Angeles, CA ....more

Chris Rock Says Kobe’s No MJ But He’s No Richard Pryor

Chris Rock is out and about promoting his new film Top Five. The comedian makes a hilarious stop at NBATV. During the conversation with Zeke and the crew, Rock tells the hosts that he was Team Shaq in the Kobe-Shaq feud ....more

SP Fantasy League’s Last Four Teams Standing

Hello all, Well, battle buddies, our fantasy regular season has ended. It was a great season, lots of intriguing matchups, hard-fought battles and talent both newly emerging and expected. Kudos to PhDinTDs, the regular season champion with a 10-4 record and the highest scoring team in the league this year 1,521 ....more