Team Draft

So. League draft. What a loaded topic. I was with my league at its inception. I never went through fresh meat, so I have no idea just how crazy it must be. Let's be honest. People join derby because it's fucking cool. Yeah, sisterhood, athletic, positive female roles, blah blah. Face it, go to a game, and it's a charge- people are cheering, women are going fast and nailing each other, cool uniforms, beautiful bodies- attainable fame...special. Cred. Cool. Add the GLBTQ factor, and it's a magnet for really neat people. I dare you to sit in the stands and not think "I want that"....more

Return to reality

It's been a while. I wanted to make this blog about my league and the personalities and drama therein, but I seem to have been sidetracked by life. I am sure there's lots going on but I have been so immersed in my own internal drama that I sort of gave it all a miss. Only the drama that directly affected me seemed to catch my attention. and I used to know everything in my league. Burn out? Probably a bit....more

Oh, Yeah- This Also.

This blog is going to be as anonymous as possible. I am using this to work stuff out. It's my New Year's resolution to write and share, but I can never really follow through or write about things that hurt me or affect me deeply without chickening out or feeling that I am exposing myself to ridicule. Now, you might think a blog online might be a weird place to work shit out if it's private stuff, but I don't- and it's my blog, so I get to do what I want. Pretty heady stuff, no? You can think of me as the equivalent of the literary genius that uses the ladies' stall as their parchment....more

Beginnings. An Original Title.

So, starting a blog. It's a combination of feelings. Like the first page of a fresh new workbook combined with standing up in a room full of people you don't know and farting to get their attention. Oh, and being a bit pretentious. There's that as well. ...more