The Accidental Orgasm

Now that everyone knows what a clitoris is, there is equal opportunity for all. Prior to the groundbreaking discovery that clitoral stimulation was THE big factor in orgasm, men could imagine that the erect male member was the whole of the ecstasy package. ...more
Anyone ever heard of using your orgasm for healing bodies and expanding minds? Someone has come ...more

Making Love With The Light On

INTIMACY MEANS EXPOSURE Some day (it’s different for each of us midlife women), your once-trustworthy fairy godmother will sneak up behind you with her magic wand and – poof! an expanded waistline, and poof! some extra thigh contour, and poof! a little (yech!) back fat. You’ll spend some time trying to make peace with your three way mirror, but eventually you’ll think about sex....more


MISSING THE HISTORY In the long months after my husband died, what I missed most was HIM -- his person, his presence, the joy of feeling completed by another human being. Over the long term (5 years), with the rawest of grief abated, what I miss most is our shared history. After more than 30 years of living and loving together, a couple can speak volumes with a single glance, feel contentedly linked during periods of silence, understand thoughts expressed in incomplete sentences, or not expressed not at all....more

Allende On Aphrodisiacs

COOKING RIGHT FOR MR RIGHT  I greatly admire Isabelle Allende for her sumptuous writing, but who knew she was also a sensuous cook?  In her delightfully idiosyncratic “Aphrodite” she promises this dish, Noodles with Artichokes, will move lovers quickly “from gluttony to lust” -- because, she claims, it’s saturated with aphrodisiacs. Ergo, a thoroughly satisfying night of passion is sure to follow.  Try it on your Old Mr....more