Belatedly, the new year

Each year at the winter solstice, my loved ones and I set intentions with a word or phrase that we hope will sum up our coming year. Am I allowed to change my word of the year, even if that word was stability? I say yes! ...more

Would you like to wrestle…

Serena has been playing this game with the toddler we take care of, where she asks him if he’d like to wrestle under a variety of circumstances and he says “Yeah!” enthusiastically. She always does this when they’re riding in the car together, and at no other time. Not really sure what’s up with that ....more

If You Give A 9-Year-Old A Cell Phone…

People. This is what happens if you give a 9-year-old a cell phone. She calls you in the middle of the day from the park (what park? ...more

This Moment

There’s a toddler asleep on my lap. I’m sitting here, reaching over him gently to type and realizing that I’ve been doing this move – reaching across a sleeping baby to write – for almost ten years. And probably not for much longer ....more

“Vacation” at Home

I’m on “vacation”. I haven’t gone anywhere, and I don’t plan to. I’m not taking the week off from work, and my kids are going to their various school and extra-curricular events ....more

The Bridge from Summer to Fall

So we’re all home from Maine now, and catching our breath. It’s the last gasp of summer, with a foot already into fall. School starts next week for the little one, Parts & Crafts starts a week later for the older ....more

Of Wasps and Words and Other Things

Today Serena clamored out of the lake and said, “A warm towel! A warm towel!” as she wrapper herself in fluffy goodness. Then she paused and said, “Mama, was there ever a time when there weren’t towels? ...more

Rethinking Food In My Life

I’ve been a vegetarian for 31 of my 35 years on this earth. This week, I’ve tentatively begun experimenting with eating some meat. This has been a long time coming ....more

Serena Rose is Six Years Old!

Serena! Now you are six. It’s like this: You stomp down the stairs like a herd of elephant-ballerinas and leap naked into my arms shouting, “Mama! ...more

Safe at Home