Just a Mama

*I originally posted this as a status update yesterday.  I asked the mentioned people if it would be okay to post it on my blog as well.  Both gave their assent.  I set about editing what I had originally written to make it more--but I quickly realized I was editing for the sake of editing and that is never a good idea. I'm going to say something about a divisive issue and then run away. I don't want any negative comments. Only ones that build others, and the world, up....more

Turning the Tables

Okay, here is a TMI post.  Read or don't read.  You've been warned....more

Maybe Just Maybe

Friendship is not my strong suit.  It never really has been.  Growing up I had some fantastic neighborhood friends, but it didn't quite translate into friends at school....more


I have not joined 5 minute Friday in a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been a year or more. 5 minute Friday is a weekly meme originally hosted by LisaJo Baker and now living over at Kate Motaung's blog Heading Home. Each Friday she provides a prompt that all are invited to write about--whatever can be said in 5 minutes with limited editing. Here I go, diving back in with the prompt TURN "It's my turn." "No, it's my turn." "Uh--uh, you already had a turn. Mommy, Caitlyn won't give me my turn." I hear this or some variation of this many times a week, often many times a day....more

You Home What...Part 2

Yes, we homeschool.  This is our second year.  As I mentioned yesterday, I love it, I really do.  But, in order for truth in advertising...there are challenges.Little ones.  Okay, sometimes big ones.  Most of the time little ones.I was an only child growing up.  My life was quiet.  I spent hours reading, I spent hours in my room.  I chose carefully when and who I spent time with.  Life was quiet....more

You Home What???

We homeschool.  This is our second year.  That should make me an expert, right?  Eh, not so much.  But, I know it is the right thing for our family and I know a lot of people who know a lot more about this whole shindig and are willing to pass on their wisdom to me.  So I take each day as it comes.Some days we follow every single word I have written in my planner.  Most days, we sorta follow the words in my planner.  Other days, we ditch all the words in my planner....more

What's That Pose?

I grew up very conservatively.  The churches we attended taught the Bible very well, but some had a few "extra" rules.Yoga was one example.I was taught Yoga was evil.  I was taught it was focused on emptying your mind which would allow spirits to come in.I never questioned it.  It was just truth.Fast forward a few years, okay, a lot of years.  There was Yoga on the Wii Fit.  It said nothing about emptying my mind.  And trust me, my mind was FULL of thoughts, "please dear God, don't let me fall flat on my face."...more

What About Jesus

Hubby read my Sunday blog post, Generation to Generation.  I hold my breath waiting for his opinion when I know he is reading.  He is a great deal more conservative than I about what gets shared with others and what doesn't.  Believe it or not, I don't quite let it all hang out, and dirty laundry stays safely tucked away, but I still have a lot more to say than he would prefer....more

Generation to Generation

Ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas weren't really heard in my house.  Not that we didn't celebrate the, we did, but it didn't bring out the best in my nuclear family....more

Perfecting the Side Plank

Back in the day, you know, when I started dating hubby, I was a size 2.  More than a few of my clothing pieces came from the children section at the store.  Problem is, food had always been social to me.  If I was alone, eating was way down on the list of priorities.  I once ate the same can of jellied cranberry sauce for dinner every day for a week.  But introduce boyfriend/future hubby, and all bets went out the window.  We ate together often.  Suddenly, what, and when, I ate was important.  We were trying new places to eat....more