Most This Amazing Day

Despite my best intentions, November NaBloPoMo was haphazard. Here's one for Thanksgiving Day.

Markings: A Golden Wind

A new post for Veterans Day. A Golden Wind

Markings: I Believe in Grace

I am a little behind on the posting, but I do NaBlPoMo my way. I have often said that my experience as a student at Bishop McDevitt High School from 1961 to `1965 saved my life. I got the encouragement and support there that I was not getting at home. "I Believe in Grace" is proof to me that that grace is still working for me.

Markings: Help Me Remember (NaBloPoMo Day 2)

Dated yesterday: Help Me Remember, about remembering and being remembered.

Markings: Meanwhile The World Goes On

My life needs a reboot.  NaBloPoMo is the very thing. Today I wrote about accomplishing four things (of four) on yesterday's to-do list, concern about a relationship that has become strained, and the miracle of the other party (who is less at fault) reaching out to start the conversation, something I couldn't figure out how to do.

Margaret Again

I've posted in both my blogs today. The weight loss blog includes a full body picture of me, as well as one of my grandmother, pictured when she was only about three years older than I am now. other piece is about a visit to see relics of a saint. One of them is the patron saint of overeating!...more

The McKenzie

I'm doing NaBloPoMo with my weight loss journal this year. Tonight I introduce readers to a breakfast delight, The McKenzie.