What Would I change About Myself

I procrastinate a lot. I put off things I like to do but no matter how much I say to myself this needs to be done, I won't move. I missed the class on pep talks, so it's more like a demotivational speech than anything else. There are a lot of things I want to do but I think 'I can do this tomorrow' and I forget about it. The really sad thing is I have more than enough free time to write. I finally have a laptop, I can walk outside. And then I think of walking back up the stairs to where I live on the second floor, along with the other worst case scenarios I think up....more

I posted an except from my NaNoWriMo novel

If anyone is interested I posted the first chapter of the novel I'm working on. http://darksilvertree.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/an-excerpt-from-my-nanowrimo-project/...more

Why Am I Still Here?

Has anyone else found themselves scrolling through a website and suddenly think 'I'm not enjoying this?'...more

Coming Back for NaBloPoMo

I've been focused on my Wordpress blog and having enough material to keep it active. And that meant almost constant writing that kept me indoors for days at a time. I can only hope that my stories are as enjoyable to others as they are to me. But I'm taking a break from it to plan for ,and participate in, NaNoWriMo. When I got the email from BlogHer about NaBloPoMo I was momentarily confused ...until I remembered I did have an account. So guiltridden I will attempt a blog post every day of November. ...more

Let me start with this

Hello,I'm Silver Tree. Obviously it's not my real name, it's a writing name that I use online in an attempt to remain consistent and easily identifiable. Not that my head is so big that I think people are searching through websites to find me. Anyway, I'm fairly new to blogging but I do have a wordpress page: www.darksilvertree.wordpress.com I try to post mainly about Wicca,but there are examples of poetry and other writings....more