How To Fix a Broken Necklace.

Have you ever bought a new necklace, wore it once and then caught it on something and broke it? ...more

Teach The One 2 Sew 2015 is Almost Over

With the end of September our first annual Teach the One 2 Sew Party is almost over. ...more

DIY Bean Bag Tutorial

One of our last sewing projects for Teach the One this month at our house was some handmade beanbags. ...more

Quilts are for loving…

The very first quilt I made was like a prized possession. I wouldn’t let anyone touch it, and it sat on the back of a chair in the living room (that no one really went it) for a couple of months. I was so proud of that awkward quilt and I was going to save that thing for time and eternity, new and pristine ....more

Super Simple Curtain Tutorial (How to Make a Curtain in 6 Easy Steps!)

Last week we shared 2 of our favorite curtain tutorials from the past and today we have one more curtain tutorial for you. ...more

Simple Women’s Maxi Skirt PDF Pattern—FREE!!!

We’ve kind of been keeping a bit of a secret…..and today is the day to announce it. ...more

Teach the One 2 Sew: Evy from A Bit of Stitch

Today we are happy to introduce you to a remarkable friend. ...more

10 Simple Pillowcase Tutorials

Pillowcases are one of the easiest things to sew and one that kids love to learn how to make! This summer we did some sewing lessons at our house and we made new pillowcases for everyone’s beds plus a few more that we could give to the Million Pillowcase Challenge...more

Teach the One: It Takes A Village (and Patience)

This month as we have been talking about “Teaching the One” to sew I started thinking about my own sewing journey. My Grandma tried to instill in me a love for quilting as I was growing up with her numerous quilts spread across her mothers quilt frames…that I enjoyed using for forts…and not learning moments. My Home Ec teacher tried to teach me proper techniques but…eventually had to kick me out of the class when I was far more interested in goofing off than in sewing ....more

Teach The One: Great Projects for Practicing Straight Lines…Curtains!!!

This week we are going to be talking about some easy home decor projects and today we are talking curtains! Curtains are great for those who are just beginning to sew ...more