EPantry- A Convenient Solution for Household Shopping

I recently, after the prompting of my friend Anna, joined ePantry. It was super slick to sign up, choose the items I’d normally buy elsewhere and order them to be shipped to me. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it and placed an order for several Mrs ....more

Breakfast at Crave: A Review

Last month, J and I had the opportunity to have breakfast at Crave in the West End after we went away to celebrate our 11th anniversary. When I think of Crave, I usually think of happy hour so I was excited to try something new. While I rarely ever eat breakfast at home {I know!} I do love me a good breakfast ....more

My 6th Stitch Fix

My 6th Stitch Fix came this past week. I’ve been trying to schedule one every two-three months because they are typically a little bit more than I would usually spend on clothes but it’s been really fun to see what comes each time and I also know that many of the items I’ve received are things I wouldn’t normally have looked at or even tried on if I saw them in the store. This is what I got: 1 ....more

Stock up for Summer at Just Between Friends Eden Prairie

Well I don’t know about you but with this on again, off again spring weather, it’s made getting dressed in the morning a little tricky. Just as soon as I think it’s going to be nice, we’re pulling jackets and sweatshirts out again. But ....more


And just like that our youngest, our last, our little Frannie. She’s two. Two years have never gone so fast, yet, it’s as though she’s still our babe that we’re carting here and there and everywhere ....more

On The Best Yes I Can Give Myself.

Last week, because of life’s commitments, my inability to say no and everything landing on the same week I found myself out four nights out of five. Three of those nights were “work” related and these evenings were in addition to going downtown a couple days, doing some media work within my community and trying to stay on top of life at home and being a mom. I’m not proud by any means because four nights out of five last week I wasn’t home to put my kids to bed and while I’m definitely ok handing off the bedtime baton to J many nights, it also stung because I knew that I wasn’t balanced and I wasn’t doing life the way I need to ....more

Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo {Giveaway!}

The farm babies are back at the Minnesota Zoo for the month of April and my littles and I paid them a visit over spring break. We loved it, I knew Miss F would especially love the baby animals and hands down her favorite were the baby goats who loved nibbling right out of her hands. The pigs, the cows, the bunnies ...more

Moms Rock! Expo Coming to Minneapolis

Moms Rock! Expo is coming to Minneapolis this spring so mark your calendars, grab your girlfriends and make a weekend of it because the Minneapolis Convention Center will soon by crawling with MOMS! Moms Rock! ...more

My Fifth Stitch Fix

My 5th Stitch Fix came today and I’ve been awaiting this one. With early spring like weather in Minnesota and my birthday approaching I knew that I wanted to update my spring wardrobe FAST. It was scheduled to arrive March 20 but when it hadn’t shipped by Thursday, March 19 I was a little nervous ....more

But I’m Not a Wicked Stepmother! Review

I gave up on most blended family and stepmom books years and years ago. I found most unrelatable or unrealistic and the worst culprits- the “faith” based ones that told me that prayer would make everything work out just fine. {Yes, I’m a believer in prayer but I’m also a believer in good, ol’ fashioned hard work too.} Now I’m not saying prayer doesn’t work or that there isn’t room for these books someplace but I myself as a 22 year old bride could not find the support, encouragement and information I so badly needed and wanted ....more