Sifting Through Life

I have a new Sifting Through Life over at the new blog site."This past week has been thought provoking. I thought of not writing my thoughts down in the event that it will hurt some people. ...more

Oyster Mushroom Quesadilla #vegan

I have moved to a mushroom paradise. ...more

Food for Thought #LGBT

I have a platform here that is centered around food. ...more

Pickled Radishes

Our family has fallen in love with pickled food. ...more

Italian Pressed Sandwich #vegan #vegetarian

Do you need a way to use up a ton of items in your refrigerator? ...more

Tomato Soup #dairyfree #vegan

If I have to pick one recipe that has quickly become our favorite for this year it is this tomato soup. ...more

How to Freeze Brussels Sprouts

Our family is embracing our plant based diet with surprising ease. ...more

Mapo Tofu with Rice

This is one of those dishes that Cory remembers eating a lot of while living in Japan. ...more

Pumpkin Quinoa Cakes

I worked on this recipe last year. ...more

Beer Battered Rockfish Filets

Cory set out this past week on a Man Trip with his brother. ...more