What’s on Your Mother’s Day Wish List?

The better half hasn’t asked me what I want for Mother’s Day, he never really does. Why you ask? I have no idea ....more

Reasons We All Need a Mom Tribe

Remember back on the day you found out you were pregnant? Scared, overwhelmed, happy and freaked all at the same time are the types of emotions that happened to me. I was getting advice from every possible person ....more

to you- the ones helping me raise my daughter, thank you.

When I first put Giuliana into daycare, I was terrified. I would literally shake the minute I had to put her in the car and take her there. It wasn’t because the people were bad and I didn’t trust them, it was because I was afraid of what I was going to miss ....more

its been awhile.

I have fallen off the grid, at least in the blogging world. Besides my social media profiles, you all must have thought I quit. And to be perfectly honest, I did quit ....more

Mommy Are Spiders scary?

When I try to explain the difference between a stink bug and a ladybug to a two and half year old the reaction is still the same … EWEEEE! Kids don’t understand bugs, spiders and all the things that they can do to harm or even protect you. When I was young, National Geographic books always intrigued me ....more

random acts of kindness giveaway!

All week we have been seeing the #RAK being used in social media and it has been wonderful to see all the kindness being passed around in the world! Photo Credit : Google Image In the next 2 days I will have giveaways for you to help celebrate your random acts of kindness that you performed this past week! The first one is today! ...more

Calling all Momprenuers- MUMZY can help you get funded!

moms clean. moms read a favorite story 8,000 times, over and over. moms do laundry ....more

Give The Gift of Education {IKEA Soft Toys for Education}

Education has always been an important part of my life. How about yours? It was apparent from a very young age how my parents wanted me to take it seriously, get a college degree, and live the life that they did not have ....more

Healthy Together – Giving Pittsburgh Children A Chance

2,000 children in the City of Pittsburgh are uninsured. Mayor Peduto has created a way to help that number decrease. It’s called Healthy Together ....more

Who’s Shopping With Me This Weekend?

Thank you all for entering our $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway! YOU ARE ALL PRETTY FABULOUS IN MY BOOK. So thank you ....more