she's baaaaack

and still alive.I know y'all were concerned ;)I'm still in recovery mode from the weekend shenanigans but I will leave you with a sneak peek of our trip. (the waitress actually said that to me when I asked her opinion on a drink) ...more

Bachin' at the Beach

It's a Miracle

viathe e.l.f ....more

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Happy Friday loves!!And a big, humongous  ...more

Fall Fitness, Say Whaaaat?!

hey hey lovelies :)it's thursday and it's gorgeous we really have to work?!there are so many reasons to be happy today -it's my fridayI get to have lunch with my friend KaraI'm leaving work early for a CBS fall preview at Cinebistroand we're having a cookout tonight for my mom's birthday ...more

When the Boys are Away the Girls Will Play

morning lovers.did y'all have a good weekend....and uh, monday?I'm a day late and a dollar short but here's my weekend recap.  ...more

Fierce Friday

happy Friday lovebugs!have y'all missed me this week?I ended up taking an unexpected but very much needed break from the blog world this week.hopefully I'll be back to regular posting next week.But for today, you can find me over here today talking about my fall faves. So head on over and check it out!!  ...more

Mr. Miyagi Says Wax Off

It's about to get really personal up in here,as in, y'all might think I'm cray cray for letting you in on this little secret of mine ....more

Recipe & More Lochte Love

One of my favorite things about summer is grilling out.There's something about those grill marks on food that make it tastethat much better. mind game? whatev.I've been trying a few Pinterest recipes over the past couple of weeks andthey've all gotten the thumbs up ....more