Photography 101 : ISO

Understanding that SLR camera that you have may not always be easy, and let's be real, who has time to study the handbook? My hope in these photography posts is to help you take better photos with your digital SLR camera! As a photographer I can honestly say that practice REALLY does make perfect whether a hobby, profession, or just for fun...please remember that as you digest this post. We shoot with Canon cameras, but this basic tip of the day will help no matter what brand of camera you shoot. Take a step with me beyond the auto focus......more
Great post! I try to keep this same knowledge (from photography class) in mind. Its a great ...more

ABJ Photography and Growing a Photography Business

In my last post about photography I mentioned I might talk about aperture as a follow up to ...more

Community CSA and Growing Food

Pesto Pasta with Chicken & Grape Tomatoes

Most nights I run home and start dinner.  I also LOVE a home cooked meal!  Here is my take on a semi-homemade meal: Pesto pasta with Chicken (I need protein), and Grape Tomatoes.  Prep time 5 min., Cook time 15 min., serve 5 min.What you need:PastaChicken...more