Festival of Spring- Holland in Haymarket

Last month we took a short road trip to Burnside Farms in Haymarket, Virginia to walk through wonderful fields of tulips. Prior having childen, my favorite subjects to photograph were flowers. I just love their vibrant colors, different shapes, and varied textures ....more

Keeping Baby Warm

If you know me well enough or have followed my blog for a while, you know that I love baby gear. One of my favorite past times is checking out the latest baby gear at my local stores and online. When I learned about the company, Little Lotus, I immediately started making a list of my expecting friends who would I would love to purchase a unique baby gift for ....more

Cloth Diapering 101

I’m still going strong with cloth diapering. ...more

My Imperfect Mother’s Day

Ever since becoming a mother, I have looked forward to mother’s day. A special day that honors the hard work I put into raising my kids. My first mother’s day in 2010 I was a proud mom of a three-month-old ....more

Washington, DC Cherry Blossoms 2015

It’s been nearly two years since I was able to get down to the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin until this year. The timing is always awful- middle of the week, bad weather, someone is sick. This year I was determined to get down there, with camera in hand ....more

Motherhood & Friendship

Every once in a while, life brings you an unexpected new friend and it’s a breath of fresh air. ...more

Motherhood Time

As a mother, time is a funny little thing. Occasionally...more

Life Update: Birthday and Teeball

I have so much I need to say and so many images to share with you, yet never enough energy or time to do it. ...more

The Reality of the Aftermath of Miscarriage

It’s been a week and four days since my miscarriage. It feels like it was a lifetime ago. It feels like yesterday ....more

Lego Movie Birthday Party: Games, Crafts, and Photobooth

When my now six-year-old finally decided that he wanted a Lego Movie birthday party, I knew the possibilities for activities and games would be endless. ...more