Southern Maryland Summer Bucket List

Summer is ticking away and I have yet to do any sort of post about our summer bucket list. We have only made it to three of the ten items on the list, so far. Yet, we have done so much this summer already- just not in the local area ....more

Catch the Moment Week 29

This week marks the 200th day!! That’s hard to believe. What a fast year it’s been? ...more

6 Fun Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party Activities

There are so many great activities and ideas for a Teddy Bear Birthday Party. I had a difficult time narrowing it down after creating my Pinterest board. Like most parties I plan for my kids, I want to do all the things! ...more

Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party: Decorations & Food

Last month, we celebrated Ryker’s second birthday with a teddy bear picnic birthday party. I was planning on holding the party outside, but with temperatures in the high 90’s opted to have an indoor picnic instead. I had a blast putting all the details of this party together! ...more

Catch the Moment Week 28

This past week was the middle of vacation and then the start of heading back to work. ...more

How We Celebrated Our Staycation

“This is a sponsored post in collaboration with “Clangers” and Coolabi. All opinions are my own.” This year our summer vacation consisted of laundry, cleaning, potty training, two cases of tonsilitis, tantrums, a moody six-year-old and more cleaning. Vacation, what?! ...more

Catch the Moment Week 25-27

All this year, I have been blogging my Catch the Moment 365 posts on my business blog for Stavish Stills Photography. Sadly that’s all I have been blogging for quite awhile now. So after much consideration I have decided to move CTM posts back over here and get my butt in gear blogging regularly on my business page ....more

Xander’s Kindergarten Year

Now that school has been out for nearly a month,...more

Stavish Southern MD Summer: Greenwell State Park

Ah…summer is here. Xander finished his first year in elementary school (sob), Ryker turned two, and Noah is…well Noah- crazy, irrational and full of redheaded spunk. I am excited to spend the summer with these boys ....more

Second Birthday Letter to Ryker

Dear Ryker, I am shaking my head and wiping away the tears that are falling, while I sit here and write this. ...more