Two: He’s a Big Kid Now!

I was provided with the Sip & Spin straw cup to facilitate this post. I did not receive compensation and all opinions are my own.Ryker’s birthday has come and gone. ...more

Miscarriage: The Beast of Grief

Grief is a funny thing in a not so funny and utterly impossible way. ...more

Thankul for Pediatric Emergency Medicine

The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. Last November I experienced the worst moment in my six years of motherhood- the day my sweet baby Ryker stopped breathing. This awful experience required a mediflight to our local...more

Celebrating Noah Turning 4!

Birthdays are so very bittersweet. I love to plan each party, down to every detail. I love watching the boys get excited when they see the party decorations go up ....more

Pirate Birthday Party- Food & Decorations

Pirate Birthday Party Decorations I loved decorating for this party. Since the majority of the party was held in the back yard, I didn’t need to go too crazy with decorations. Pirate Birthday Party Food Since Noah insisted on having a Spongebob Pirate birthday party, I knew we had to serve “crabby patties” ....more

Noah’s Pirate Birthday Party Activities

Last month we had a belated birthday celebration for Noah, with a Pirate (Spongebob) party. ...more

Stavish Boys Phillies Tee Ball

I can hardly believe I haven’t written...more

Southern Maryland Summer Bucket List

Last year was the first year we attempted a summer bucket list. The list included 16 off the beaten path adventures in and around Washington DC. I must say we were pretty successful in our quest to get them all in, managing 11 of the 16 places ....more

Strawberry Picking at Shlagel Farms 2015

Ever since moving to Southern Maryland we have kicked off the summer season with strawberry picking at Shlagel Farms. I love supporting Shlagel Farms. They are family owned and operated and one of the few pick your own patches in the DMV area ....more

Festival of Spring- Holland in Haymarket

Last month we took a short road trip to Burnside Farms in Haymarket, Virginia to walk through wonderful fields of tulips. Prior having childen, my favorite subjects to photograph were flowers. I just love their vibrant colors, different shapes, and varied textures ....more