Back to School Anxiety

Well Tomorrow Here in Oklahoma the wheels on the bus start rolling again. I am in a panic and I am not to sure why.  This year for me will be a little different as I will be home alone. I have a few things to fill my time with, but I can clean my house, write my blogs, and everything else that I do won't take me to long. I dont like being alone never have, never will. I am sort of in fear that my oldest daughter will be made fun of as well. She is quite bigger and takes after her daddy and is as tall as me. I get very angry when she tell's me she has been made fun of....more

Work from home............IT'S NOT THAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finding  it really hard to step foot into social media threw blogging and trying products, posting reviews  and even blogging about my own life. I don't know how other bloggers make it look so easy. I know I can write, type, and blog I don't know where or how to start and I have been looking over others blogs and they are absolutely flawless. So what's the deal. Blogging for me is kinda like a public diary well at least my simplyval! blog. I have another one to


I seen a post of facebook that said, " I'm only sexxy when I'm me", I got thinking when am I me. After years of influential ass beating parents, when have I ever just been me? Good question! I can be pretty ruthless at times and someone pointed out to me "my meanness" was just a defense mechanism to keep people away because I am sick and tired of being abused. So now I am left wondering WHO THE HELL AM I??????? Do you know because I don't....more

@ Home with a picc line and constant medications

I must say that this past week has surely gotten the best of me. It's like having a new born all over again. No sleep, bathroom stops, and constant IV or Picc line hookups serve as every two hour feedings!!!!! Now keep in mind that my kids are 10, 9, and 6, so none of the actual care of an infant needs to be going on anymore, but does it?  As some know my daughter that is 9 was in the hospital for several weeks with Amoebic Meningitis It is by far the most fatal of all meningitis....more

You think the flu scares you, have you met amoeba?

Home from the hospital and so happy. It's bitter sweet to me, sweet because my daughter is alive and she is at home with me, bitter because I don't feel like the public knows enough about what has happened to only a few and most are not here to tell thier story. ...more


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, ya'll are gonna love this!!!!! If you don't already know about this razor you better text SCHICK TO 24444 to get your free sample. I got clued in about this freebie from . Heather Hernandez runs this site and her site is AWESOME!!  When I request freebies from her site I always get them. I have requested several freebies from all over the internet and from several other freebies sites....more

Aching Heart

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. I have a hard trying to post here because this is like my diary I guess. Over the last few weeks my heart has been aching for a number of reasons. One being all the people affected here in Oklahoma by mother nature. We all know I don't work, I have no money, but I wanted to help. So what I did was load up some extra food I had around the house and sent it to a local church in my hometown of  Weleetka, Oklahoma that took it to those affected. Then, in my own home town I watched it flood from a distance and couldn't help....more

Struggling with working at home!!

So here i am at home with a laptop, I love trying new products and reviewing them. Always trying to stretch my dollars as i dont have an income. Trying to get on to the social media stage with what i love to do is proving quite challenging. I really enjoy trying to help others to save money, because this has become the life for me. Many avenues of advice about products sold on the market are false claims, or paid for by the companies own money or affiliates. So this leads families that read this information spending thier hard earned money on products that do not truely work....more

Me and MY Muffin Top

Well, this weekend i returned home to visit family. To my already alterted self image it occured to me that in my home town i am known as being the short, fat, ugly sister. This really hurt my feelings as every where i went with my skinny, golden tanned, in my opinion, over makeuped sister, the people we ran into were commenting on how she is the beautiful one. Now with all that being said i am sure you can hear my anger threw the words above. ...more