This one's for the girl's

I’m a firm believer in practicing what you preach and I’m often reminded of this when I look at my beautiful and precocious young daughter. She’s full of life and spunk and she has a spirit about her that is so pure and unfettered by the weight of self doubt and critical inner dialog that she inspires and reminds me what’s most important for us as women. She’s innocent and undamaged but I know that only lasts so long and I can only protect her from so much. For her to be a warrior of life I have to give her the tools she needs to take into battle....more

Karma's Not the Bitch In Charge

My divorce took fourteen months. As fate would have it, that was also the exact length of time as my engagement. During that period, and even occasionally still today, my friends and family comforted me with the notion of karma. The magic medication of the jilted spouse, the universal corrector of all wrongs to right and right to wrongs. I prayed to the Gods of Karma daily. I even silently made deals and offered up personal emotional sacrifices to the karma Gods just to have them respond to my divorcee siren song. I prayed, and I prayed... for karma. At the time it was a comforting notion. ...more

10 months later and Im still going through it! Hope this blog helps ...more

Single Mom Stress Syndrome

While I was going through my horrifically Jerry Springeresque divorce I did what any shell shocked new mom with an infant, who had been dumped for the office floozie, would do. It's not pretty but I confess I stuck his toothbrush in the toilet each morning before we parted ways. That was the only thing though. Oh, and I used surgical precision to snip one tiny string on one button of every shirt he owned. I figured they would slowly fall off one by one over the coming couple of weeks and gradually drive him as nuts as he had driven me. But that was it, nothing else crazy. ...more

Not been at that level, but no you are not the only "freak in town". Who says stress ...more

What Does She Know, She's Only Four

My ex-husband, God bless him, was a douche bag. He put his career first, his mistress second, fantasy football third and coming in a distant fourth was his family. ...more
Your story is almost exactly like mine and after two years of trying to find someone or a blog ...more