I'm Gifted, Now What?

The holiday season is upon us and while we have stood in lines to buy gifts for loved ones on Black Friday and refreshed our cache several times on Cyber Monday, how much time have dedicated to the gifts stirring within us? As the first year of this new decade comes to a close, it is time to really connect with the reason why we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide on this planet. The reason we are here is directly connected to our abilities. If you want to know your purpose, look no further than the magnificent things you are able to do....more

Is The Way You Trust Holding You Back?

 The Threshold of Trust If anyone has ever broken your trust, you know how difficult it is to hit the reset button on the relationship.  You develop this gnawing sense that if you forgive and restore the relationship, the person could hurt you again and you’d have no one but yourself to blame.  Most people would assume that the biggest issue in a relationship like this is the inability to let go of the past....more

Learn to Deal with Empty Space or You will Fill it up With Junk

Clutter is an epidimic....more

Say Thank You to Strife (It Makes You Better)

            Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching and as we enter into this season of gratitude, I have been doing an inventory of all the things and people I am truly grateful to have as a part of my life....more

Rite of Passage..When Daughters Raise Their Voices

Growing pains are hard. We all go through the them. This is the stretching life sometimes requires to ensure we do not become stuck or petrified in our current state. The stretching hurts and if we are not resilient, can leave us misshapen and without form. I am going through my own growth process, a stretching of sorts, which wouldn't be half bad if my oldest daughter weren't entering into the painful abyss of pre-teen adolescence. (It is okay to cry for me, Argentina). My daughter wasn't raised to "not talk back"....more