Nails of Doom

I recently went on vacation to Fort Lauderdale with my kids.  I had a great time, except for one horrific event that marred my vacation and possibly scarred me for life.  My daughter insisted that we get manicure/pedicures.  Notice that I did not say “mani/pedis” because those “words” are right up there with “bestie” and “totes adorbs” on the top of my list of new non-words that are like nai...more

Just Another Day

My Facebook Status: “Here’s to all the good parents out there.  Continue being the oddly-shaped-soft-in-some-spots-worn-out rock of the family.  Those kids need you.” I have been a single mom for eight y...more
of course . First rule for teens- This too shall pass followed by loud exclamation,  "Oh Lord, ...more

I Have Been Held Captive for 12 Years

I hope I'm still alive by the time someone reads this letter. I'm afraid that even if you find me physically alive, the mental damage may be irreversible. I have been held captive by two sociopathic maniacs for the last 12 years. They grow stronger and taller by the day. If I'm not freed soon, they may become too powerful to defeat. During my imprisonment I have been forced to perform unspeakable acts over and over and over again....more
I laughed and empathized with you at the same time. A slave to your children and life. It sounds ...more