Let Me Tell You About My White Black Friend

Over the weekend, a fried on Facebook shared this amazing post by Patrick Knight, concerning the way his white friends knowingly and unknowingly perpetuated racism when he was around. So much of this resonated, but I particularly got hit by this passage: "It's also messed up to introduce me to your other friends (whom I've never met) as "the whitest Black guy you'll ever meet." I've never met this person. They've never met me ....more

Resource Monday: Stimtastic Makes A Wonderful Line Of Jewelry and Toys For People With Autism

Today I want to introduce you to Stimtastic - an amazing online store that sells jewelry for people with autism! Necklaces and bracelets like the one above carry pendants that can be chewed (if the person has an oral stim fixation like my son), and they also carry pendants, rings and even earrings that can be fidgeted with, spinning and making sound - not truly noisy, but things like ratcheted and spinning rings. Here's a video of their ring products: Read more » ...more

All Signs Point To Friday - Let's Have Some Fun

It's FriYAY and I am less than a week from a hotel on the beach. Praise the Lord and pass a margarita!Let's get this weekend rolling ahead with a laugh, courtesy of sign-making people with something to say.This copier has some stories to tell... Read more » ...more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Time Out For Cat

Some days, the writing thing is harder than other days ....more

What Grinds Your Gears? Tell Me About Your Confluence Of Irritants

I have a very good friend who refers to a series of annoying events as a "confluence of irritants." I am adopting that phrase to apply to the last month of my life, because it fits so incredibly well. I had a big book deadline looming, and my laptop got swamped and killed by an annoying kid at a campground (not mine). Then I finally turned the book in and decided to tackle the Jurassic-Park sized weeds in my yard and trim up my hedges and boom! ...more

People With Autism Have Empathy - What A Surprise! (Said No Autism Parent Ever)

When neurotypical people think of people with autism, they get two distinct pictures in their head: Dustin Hoffman as Rain Man, or Sheldon Bateman from The Big Bang Theory. They're genius savants with no social skills and a distinct lack of empathy and the ability to feel and express emotions.While it's true that people on the spectrum don't always process those emotions like neurotypical people do, that doesn't for a second mean that they don't feel them. I want to share with you this article from Scientific American that goes a lot more in depth into the fallacy behind the stereotypes about autism and feeling emotions ....more

Dancin' My Way To A Weekend - Let's Have Some Fun On This Friday!

It's a beautiful summer weekend, my poison ivy is almost gone and life, my friends, is good. So slip on some dancin' shoes and watch as these people get their groove on! This kid leads a dance team like a boss! ...more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Leaves of Three, Let Me Be

Poison Ivy can kiss my ass. And that's all I have to say about that ....more