Do The Right Thing Today - Then Make It A Habit

Today, find a way to help someone in your community. Then, just for the hell of it, let's all do it tomorrow. And the next day ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Dreams Come True

The books are in I guess this is reality Surreal as it seems It's not every day your dream comes true So excuse me as I savor a bit Or a lot Indulge me, please This was a long time coming And I'm still finding it hard to believe ...more

Onions Are Great On Cheesesteaks, But Feet? Not So Much.

One of my Facebook friends posted this video over the weekend. I'm not a huge fan of "miracle cures" but I had to admit this one got my attention. Let's watch, shall we? ...more

Spotlight Shine: Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Today, I'd like to shine a spotlight on Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers (SDWR), out of Madison, VA. Warren Retrievers provides service dogs for a variety of causes, and one of them is autism support. Autism support dogs have very specialized training, including: Calming Ensuring deep and restful sleep Locating a missing child Increasing social interaction Preventing or deterring a wandering/eloping child...more

All Signs Point To Fun On A Friday!

It's Friday again - and after being back at work off the long break, this week felt like it was moving in dog years. Now the weekend is in view, and it's time to kick back and have a laugh on me....more

Driving The Cold Away Keeps Kids Warm In The Greater Philadelphia Area

Today I'd like to give a local shout-out to a Philadelphia-area program that deserves a signal boost.Since 2008, the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation's Driving Away the Cold program has given the gift of warmth and confidence to more than 220,000 disadvantaged children. The program provides new coats to underprivileged children who would otherwise not have them. They partner up with Operation Warm and the coats are distributed through more than 100 different social services agencies, shelters, school districts, regional YMCAs, and more ....more

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Just A Stone

I realize it's not much to look atA simple gray stonePlucked from the shore's edge No sparkles or glitter or oddness in its shapeSmall enoughSmooth enoughBut a Viking may have stepped on itOr a young Celt may have thrown it into the sea on a day at the beachOnly to have the tide pull it back inThis stone has seen some historyMaybe even one of my ancestorsMy little piece of a land that calls to me ...more

If My Daughter Doesn't Stop Throwing Words Around Without Care, I'm Going To Kill Myself

That's a joke, of course.I'm not going to kill myself. And neither is my kid, but she's gotten into a pattern of throwing that phrase out a good two dozen times a day and it makes me bonkers.Anna isn't normally a drama queen, but in this, I have to say she goes too far."Aaaaugh! I'm gonna kill myself!" she shouts, when she's pouring a drink and it overflows ....more