Zipped And Ready To NO

So the fact that we're thriving this year means we should say yes to every opportunity right?...more

What Would Mary Richards Do?

I’m convinced that Mary Tyler Moore is the reason I wanted to become a producer. I didn’t even really get what a producer did watching the show but I liked how the word sounded and if Mary was one, then obviously being a producer meant you were, pretty, smart and a success.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER...more

Is Your Mama Drama Messing Up Your Love Life?

I’ve had some revealing conversations with a few fabulous women over the last week. One got married for the first time at 47; another is 41, newly single and never married; and yet another is 38, and never been married. All are beautiful, intelligent, accomplished and warm....more

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

I was reading an article on a popular men’s site that said women don’t like “nice” guys, that being nice will keep you forever stuck in the “friend” category. I don’t know what was more alarming; the fact that a lot of guys have the potential to take the advice or the fact that a woman wrote the article. Nice guys don’t seem like they can defend women, she said. They’re too predictable. Nice guys seem fake. They don’t seem like good lays....more
I'm a nice girl looking for a nice guy.

So far none are in an existent (aka ...more

Sex: To Wait Or Not To Wait?

In real life, Charlotte probably wouldn't be friends with "Samantha because -- as early as middle school -- sexual experience is the dividing line among females. It's a value judgment that we hurl at each other and then teach to guys, in the hopes that he'll pick us instead of them. Why are we still making the expression of our sexuality about him? ...more

I've been waiting for two or three years, and I don't know if this really is happening to ...more

He Put Semen In Her Drinking Water

The jury selection process started yesterday in the trial of a man accused of ejaculating into his co-workers water bottle, twice....more

Is the first date too soon to talk about sex?

“I don’t think this is a great first date conversation,” I said. “Why not?” He said chuffed, like my willingness to talk about sex with him was an indication of my willingness to have sex at all. Somehow our conversation about movies had lead us to the kind of woman who withholds sex in her relationship and uses it as a bargaining chip to get what she wants.  My date last night thought this was a good opportunity to segue into a pop quiz about how often I think a couple should be doing it....more

The Biggest Jerk In America Is Back

I’m caving.  I’m going to watch The Bachelor tonight.  Can’t help it.  Texas bar owner Brad Womack is back to kick off Season 15....more

What Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Get About Single Women

Jennifer Aniston has been taking a lot of flack for the comments she made during a press interview about her new movie Switch, which opened Friday.  Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly attacked he...more

www.Single-Woman.TV is the only online channel ...more

Single Mom Fired For Her "Distracting" Wardrobe