It's Always Convenient to Blame the Woman

There’s been a lot of talk in the feminist blogosphere lately about Michael Pollan, food activist and author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Pollan is anti-meat, pro-organic and pro locally grown food, and a major critic of the global industrial food complex. These are all fine things to be, since our healthy-food-is-only-for-the-rich lifestyle is having major repercussions on our health and happiness. It is, however, not so great when he jumps on the “feminists have ruined family mealtime by refusing to cook” bandwagon....more

How I Conquered My Boobs and Embraced My Inner Cow

I was not a breastfed baby. For most of my life I believed that this was because I was allergic to my mom’s milk, which made me jaundiced and that she just couldn’t because of that. The doctor told her, “Feed her formula,” and so she did. It wasn’t until I had my own child in 2006, and my mom watched me struggle with breastfeeding, persevere and then ultimately succeed, that she told me the real reason she didn’t breastfeed me: It was too hard. It hurt too much....more

Female Genital Cutting: A Case for Compromise

When families come to American doctors seeking the traditional practice of Female Genital Cutting, is it better to offer them a “ritual nick” — a symbolic pinprick — or turn them away and possibly prompt them to find the service under far less safe conditions? The American Academy of Pediatrics caused a stir last month by advocating the ritual nick in a new policy statement written by a team of expert consultants who laid out the case for choosing what they saw as the lesser of evils....more

Going Natural: A Doubter Discovers Drug-Free Labor

My water broke in the mall food court. I was eating a tuna salad sandwich and drinking a raspberry-lemon iced tea that the lovely girl at Teavana promised me would induce labor. At a week past my due date, I had tried anything and everything to inspire my daughter’s arrival, including in this case (literally) drinking the Kool-Aid....more

How Teen TV Helped Me Grow Up

Maybe it was Marissa Cooper’s spectacular overdose on pills and tequila in Tijuana. Or perhaps it was Degrassi Community School’s battle-of-the-bands: Ashley and Craig working out their post-breakup angst via competing songs (sample lyric: “You’re the dust in my eye/you’re the rock in my shoe/you lied, lied, lied”) and confrontational T-shirts (sample graphic: Craig’s head engulfed in flames)....more

Over-Planned Parenthood

Motherhood is among the most important things women ever take on. While not every woman chooses to procreate (and we’re OK with that), for those who do, it’s the most physically and psychologically taxing endeavor of their lives–especially for the modern everywoman who is over 30 and has a kick-ass career and tons of individual goals. Throwing the motherhood wrench into all of it seems a little… disrupting. Yet waiting is an option only for so long (thanks, Mother Nature)....more

Tina Fey: Fallen Feminist Icon or Just What We Need?

The funny lady has been taking some serious flack lately, but maybe her controversial commentary is exactly what feminism needs. ...more
@SocalMom Hey, that wasn't funny!  (OK, poor attempt at humor on my part. :-)   )   Yes, I know ...more

Making Mom-on-Non-Mom Friendship Work

Dear Child-free ladies: So you’ve decided children are not for you. In fact, shows like “Nanny 911” and “Supernanny” make you want to retire those fallopian tubes indefinitely. But even as you laugh cynically at stories of “mombies” and “helicopter parents,” your good friend just had a baby. She may be exhausted and full of enthusiasm for her Diaper Genie, but she has also never, ever shamed you or pressured you to follow her lead. In fact, the same smug jerks who tell you that you’ll never be self-actualized unless you breed are the ones confronting her in the market for daring to buy 2-percent milk (Children need full milk, you know. And it better be organic!). You owe it to her to support her choice and try to get to know her kids. Most of all, you have to realize she is now a package deal. Spouses may come and go, but parenthood is forever. ...more
So basically, mom-friend wants everyone to make allowances for the fact she has children.  If ...more

Why Vanity Keeps Women Poor

Women spend thousands on beauty maintenance every year while men get by with drugstore shaving cream and hair gel. Even if we’re climbing the corporate ladder faster than ever, we’re still always one pedicured step behind. ...more
@TelecommuteMom Also slacking off on the personal care and beauty routines is more likely to ...more

Can Dating Books Be Feminist?

The act of seeking guidance to find love isn’t something for which women should feel guilty. But the advice some self-help texts extol is a bit shameful. By Heather Wood Rudúlph ...more