Hair Free and Loving Me

100% Authentic: Hair Free and Loving Me...more

From Miss to Ma'am

Interesting thing happened to me today. I found one of my tenants lying in front of his unit this morning moaning.  As I started to call 911 he got up and I asked him if he was ok- he said he was, so I cancelled the 911 call.  I was concerned so I went to check on him a few minutes later as he was a young college kid and being an RN for over 20 years I have heard and seen stories of young kids coming home from a night of binging only to choke on their own vomit while sleeping....more

10 Things I know for Sure

So I recently turned 40--Thank GOD! And I have been thinking a lot about what do I know for sure--here goes:1.That you cannot take it with you, but with a Will you can designate who gets it.2. That no matter how old and how much wisdom I acquire I still don't "know" anything.3. That there are 2 times when we are complately honest-- in childhood and on our deathbed.4. That knowledge is acquired; learning in a choice.5. That the most powerful word in the English language is "Why?"6. That we are too soon old and too late smart. ...more